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State of the Sub: New Rules, New Direction, New Mods

2020.10.24 10:30 jefrye State of the Sub: New Rules, New Direction, New Mods

Hi everyone—the WritingHub mod team is excited to announce the reopening of the sub!
We’ve completely overhauled the objectives, rules, and features of the sub as follows:
What we are: WritingHub is now a friendly place for writers to share resources, talk about their writing projects, and network with other Redditors to form writing groups or find a critique partner. We also welcome announcements of literary contests and calls for submissions.
What we are not: In the past, WritingHub has been overwhelmed by critique requests and self-promotion (which, it should be noted, generated very little feedback for the users who posted): that content is now prohibited. There are plenty of other writing subreddits where users can post their work for critique (see our Wiki page for some suggestions), so we don’t see the need to allow those posts here. We expect that this change will take some adjustment for existing subscribers, as well as for new users who don’t read the rules, and while we will attempt to remove this type of content promptly, we ask that the community help us out by reporting prohibited submissions.
Rule changes: Our new rules are viewable in the sidebar; if you have questions you can read more about them here. Also, please note that rule changes will not be applied retroactively, because, frankly, that would mean removing almost all of the sub’s content going back months, if not years. Keep that in mind when scrolling through older posts.
Stickied “Writers’ Hub” thread: The weekly thread is a place where you may share submissions not substantive enough for a dedicated post, brainstorm or discuss your own work-in-progress, or engage in off-topic conversation. Just keep things friendly!
We welcome your feedback! If you have any thoughts on the changes we’ve made, or ideas for future features, please leave a comment below or message the mods directly!

Meet the Mods

We’ve been lucky enough to find a great team of mods for this community, some of whom you may recognize from some of your favorite writing-related subreddits; get to know a few of them here!
u/jefrye: Hi everyone, my name’s Jennifer! I’m in my late 20s and live in the smoky state of California, where I work in public policy. I write speculative fiction as a hobby and also have a few dozen houseplants that I’m relatively successful at keeping alive. Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier is my favorite novel.
u/novatheelf: Hi! I'm Nova; I'm an English teacher from Louisiana. When I'm not teaching kiddos, I'm either helping out at the local taekwondo school or turning yarn into toys. I like reading and writing and love getting to help new writers become the very best selves they can be!
u/aliteraldumpsterfire: Hi everyone! I go by many names on the internet but people mostly call me James, Jimothy, or just ALDF. I am a west coast transplant to the great expanse of corn called the Midwest, where I work in public safety. I write various flash fiction and am working on a project that some might call a novel, if they squint real hard. I'm here to harass people to write more and get all enthusiastic over each other's projects.
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2020.10.22 12:03 remote-enthusiast Collection of 50 remote jobs - (non)tech

Hello friends! These are the open remote positions I've found that were published today. See you tomorrow! Bleep blop 🤖
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2020.10.22 00:46 artistique1 [EVENT] Retro: Presidential Elections: Primaries

United States Presidential Elections

Electing the 47th President of the United States of America
Checking out this post and that post for information on how the campaign has gone so far.
TLDR: President Joe Biden is not running for reelection. Vice President Kamala Harris is the Democratic Party's first choice for the nomination. Both the Dems and Harris have been challenged by other declared Democratic candidates, most notably Gavin Newsom, Stacey Abrams, and Cory Booker. Dems have been forced into holding proper primaries by Newsom who has threatened to otherwise split the vote come election day. On the Republican side, no clear frontrunners have emerged in a race packed with equally matched hopefuls although names such as Randy Weber, Ted Cruz, and Jeffery Hildebrand have garnered more media attention than the others.
Kamala in trouble
As soon as the Dems folded to Newsom's demands for a full-fledged primary, Vice President Kamala Harris's campaign has gone into overdrive, outspending all other opposition by a significant margin in marketing, advertisement, and in establishing grassroots support (to go with her strong Super PAC support). To be fair to the Veep, it seems that she has "target number one" for her opponents both in the Democratic field and from across the pond in the GOP. Attacked aggressively on television, in press conferences, and through Internet memes on websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and even 4chan, the Harris campaign has had its hands full with simply putting out fires and formulating strategies to do much in the way of actual campaigning, being completely outplayed in that field by candidates such as Gavin Newsom and Cory Booker on the blue side, and by Republican candidates Randy Weber, Ted Cruz, and even Jeffery Hildebrand, all of whom have so far established strong campaigns prior to the primaries.
Announcing VP picks hasn't ever really been a requirement for campaigning. Former President Joe Biden himself only announced his VP pick, Kamala Harris, after winning nomination in 2020. However, given the unique nature of the 2024 presidential campaign, most candidates announced their VP picks early on, save for Democratic frontrunners Kamala Harris and Gavin Newsom.
Addressing a massive crowd in Buffalo, NY - Democratic candidate Gavin Newsom announced his campaign partner and pick for the position of Vice President, ensuring the gathered crowd and the audiences watching on TV and streaming websites that he had made this choice following much deliberation and consultation with those closest to his campaign. He picked AOC, a move that would prove critical in the oncoming Democratic primaries.
Vice President Harris picked former rival Amy Klobuchar to be her running mate.
Democratic Primaries results
Governor Gavin Newsom built significant momentum for his campaign after winning the very critical primary in his home state of California, as well as successive primaries in Texas, Florida, and New York while Kamala Harris found victories in Illinois, Virginia, Delaware, and South Carolina, among others. Dark horse candidate Cory Booker managed to win a few contests of his win as he locked in states such as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Columbia, and Michigan for himself while candidates Stacy Abrams and Joe Kennedy won one contest each, the former winning in Wisconsin and the latter in New Hampshire.
Following a long and drawn out primary contest where no candidate chose to drop out or endorse another candidate until the very end, Governor of California Gavin Newsom won the Democratic nomination at the Democratic National Convention held soon after the final primary while AOC was confirmed as the Vice Presidential nominee.
Full map of states and delegates
GOP see-saw sees Weber upset
While the Democratic nomination process was described as "exhausting, draining, and ugly" by some, the Republican primaries were no less of a clusterfuck despite being overshadowed by the Harris-Newsom-DNC controversies.
As mentioned earlier, candidates Randy Weber, Ted Cruz, and Jeffery Hildebrand emerged as the frontrunners for the GOP nomination early on although none of the secondary candidates, including but not limited to Marco Rubio, Larry Hogan, Nikki Haley, and Donald Trump Jr. did not back down in their campaigns either. Similar to Hildebrand, Trump Jr. was also funded by enormous personal wealth rather than any notable political clout (although Hildebrand had contributed significantly to Republican politicians of choice in the past). On the other hand, Weber was propelled by the rapidly growing "Trumpist" Due Diligence Caucus of the GOP and espoused similar populist statements as former President Donald Trump although with a bit more nuance and coherence whereas Ted Cruz made use of his unrivalled experience in public office and extensive stay in the national spotlight to cement himself as a major candidate on name recognition alone.
In what many have called a major upset to establishment candidates, dark horse Randy Weber has secured the Republican nomination for both himself and his Veep of choice: Larry Hogan.
Full map of states won (ignore delegates, they're dem)
Dem nomination: Gavin Newsom & Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Rep nomination: Randy Weber & Larry Hogan
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2020.10.19 12:33 CoinEx_Institution RESEARCH REPORT ABOUT OASIS LABS NETWORK

Author: Gamals Ahmed, CoinEx Business Ambassador


Oasis Network is a privacy-focused smart contract platform for open finance built using the Cosmos SDK. The project prioritizes applications and use-cases that promote data privacy and user confidentiality. It aims to achieve this goal by separating its consensus layer from its contract execution layer while providing a built-in interface connecting the two for privacy-preserving computation. The consensus layer acts as a hub that uses a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) mechanism to secure the network and reach a consensus on transaction validity. The execution layer consists of multiple, parallel runtimes (called ParaTimes) for specialized computation needs that each plug into the consensus layer.


The Internet is an amazing platform for innovation, creativity, and free expression. Yet, its empowering design elements, like the end-to-end principle and global interoperability, have yet to be unleashed in truly transformative ways.
Oasis believe in building new technology that can give us a better Internet experience. One that transforms “users” into edge clients, and enables them to take back control of their data, and their digital experiences. One that fully respects individual privacy and autonomy, while still supporting amazing apps and services.
To get there, oasis’s team are fostering the development and growth of a privacy-first, decentralized computational network. A network that will grow and evolve with the inclusive community of developers, thinkers, and leaders who maintain it.
The Oasis Protocol Foundation looks to support projects focused on making that privacy-first Internet a reality. From building privacy-preserving applications, to developing more powerful tools for the network, to improving how it operates.
High-Level Components
At the highest level, Oasis Core is divided into two major layers: the consensus layer and the runtime layer as shown on the figure above.
The idea behind the consensus layer is to provide a minimal set of features required to securely operate independent runtimes running in the runtime layer. It provides the following services:
  • Epoch-based time keeping and a random beacon.
  • Basic staking operations required to operate a PoS blockchain.
  • An entity, node and runtime registry that distributes public keys and metadata.
  • Runtime committee scheduling, commitment processing and minimal state keeping.
On the other side, each runtime defines its own state and state transitions independent from the consensus layer, submitting only short proofs that computations were performed and results were stored. This means that runtime state and logic are completely decoupled from the consensus layer, and the consensus layer only provides information on what state (summarized by a cryptographic hash of a Merklized data structure) is considered canonical at any given point in time.


Designed for the next generation of blockchain, the Oasis Network is the first privacy-enabled blockchain platform for open finance and a responsible data economy. Combined with its high throughput and secure architecture, the Oasis Network is able to power private, scalable DeFi, revolutionizing Open Finance and expanding it beyond traders and early adopters to a mass market. Its unique privacy features can not only redefine DeFi, but also create a new type of digital asset called Tokenized Data that can enable users to take control of the data they generate and earn rewards for staking it with applications — creating the first ever-responsible data economy.


Oasis Labs, the core developer of the Oasis Network, was founded in 2018 by University of California at Berkeley professor Dawn Song. The development team raised $45 million from a16z cypto, Polychain Capital, and Binance Labs, among others, to support initial protocol development.
Oasis Network is a privacy-focused smart contract platform for open finance built using the Cosmos SDK. The project prioritizes applications and use-cases that promote data privacy and user confidentiality. Since Oasis uses the Cosmos SDK, it will eventually be able to connect to the broader ecosystem of Cosmos-enabled chains (called zones) once the IBC (Inter Blockchain Communication) Protocol launches.
Oasis differentiated itself by separating its consensus layer from its contract execution layer. These separate layers give Oasis the flexibility to support multiple, customizable runtimes (which it calls ParaTimes). This model is similar to how Avalanches features various subnets or how Polkadot secures and connects independent parachains.
Oasis’ privacy features create a new type of digital asset called ‘Tokenized Data’ that can enable users to take control of the data they generate and earn rewards for staking it with applications — creating an incentivized data economy. By supporting confidential smart contracts, data is kept private while being processed. This provides end-to-end data confidentiality on the blockchain, unlocking potential DeFi use-cases such as under-collateralized lending and prevention of front/back running.


  • First Privacy-Enabled Blockchain: The Oasis Network is the world’s first scalable, privacy-enabled blockchain. ParaTimes on the Oasis Network can leverage confidential computing technology such as secure enclaves to keep data confidential — unlocking new use cases and applications for blockchain.
  • Scalable, Private DeFi: The Oasis Network’s privacy-first design can expand DeFi beyond traders and early adopters — unlocking a new mainstream market. Plus its innovative scalability design brings fast speeds and high-throughput to DeFi transactions.
  • First to Enable Data Tokenization: The Oasis Network can Tokenize Data, unlocking game changing use cases for blockchain, and an entirely new ecosystem of apps and projects on the network — powering the next generation of privacy-first applications.
  • Rapidly Growing Community: The Oasis Network has a thriving community of close to a thousand node operators, developers, enterprise partners, ambassadors, and nearly ten thousand community members engaged in global social channels.
  • Top-Tier Team: The Oasis Team is made up of top talent from around the world with backgrounds from Apple, Google, Amazon, Goldman Sachs, UC Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon, Stanford, Harvard and more — all committed to growing and expanding the impact of the Oasis Network.


  • General Emission Type: Inflationary
  • Precise Emission Type: Dynamic Emission
  • Supply Cap: 10,000,000,000.00
1. Supply Curve Details
About two billion ROSE tokens will be paid out as inflation rewards to stakers and delegators for contributing resources to the network.
Not all tokens have been released publicly or will be released publicly by mainnet launch. Due to release schedules and locks, only a fraction of the total existing token supply will be in circulation at the time of its mainnet launch. Tokens set aside for Staking Rewards will be disbursed in accordance with on-chain mining mechanisms, which are calculated based on how many blocks are produced, how many nodes are participating in staking, and how many tokens are staked.
2. Consensus Information
  • General Consensus: Proof-of-Stake
  • Precise Consensus: Tendermint BFT
3. Consensus Details
1. PoS and Validator Committee
Tokens can be self-delegated directly by each node operator or delegated to a node operator by other token holders. While the Oasis Network is designed with a modular architecture (by way of the Cosmos SDK) that can use any consensus system that satisfies these properties, it currently uses Tendermint as its consensus algorithm.
Validators must stake a minimum of 100 tokens to contribute to the network’s security. Each entity can have at most one node elected to the consensus committee at a time. Oasis Labs expects 70–100 validators to participate in the network’s consensus committee at launch. The chance of being selected for the committee will be proportional to a validator’s stake weight (self-staked amount plus delegated stake).
2. Staking Rewards Details
At launch, the network will target an inflation rate between 2% and 15%, with validator reward amounts dependent on the length of time staked. In order to be eligible for staking rewards per epoch, a node would need to sign at least 75% of blocks in that epoch.
The network will only slash for double-signing at launch. Double-signing penalties will result in the loss of the minimum stake amount (100 tokens) and will also freeze the node. Freezing the node is a precaution in order to prevent the node from being over-penalized. The Network will not slash for liveness or uptime at launch. Oasis will also require a 14-day unbonding period should validators or delegators choose to move their staked funds. During this time, staked tokens are at risk of getting slashed for double-signing and do not accrue rewards during this time.
3. Consensus Voting Power
The current voting power mechanism is stake-weighted. This means that the consensus voting power of a validator is proportional to its stake. In this model, the network will require signatures by validators representing greater than two-thirds of the total stake of the committee to sign a block. Note that in Tendermint, a validator’s opportunities to propose a block in the round-robin block proposer order are also proportional to its voting power.


Scalable, Private DeFi
The Oasis Network is designed to support confidential smart contracts, allowing it to keep data private while being processed. By providing end-to-end data confidentiality on Blockchain, the Oasis Network unlocks new and exciting use cases in DeFi. From under-collateralized lending to preventing front/back running, the Oasis Network can help expand DeFi beyond traders and early adopters to a mainstream market.

Example of how privacy can unlock new markets for DeFi
The network’s cutting-edge scalable features can help unblock DeFi as it works today, fixing the high-transaction fees and slow throughput currently plaguing other Layer 1 networks. Combined, Oasis’ unique ability to provide scalable, private DeFi is expected to make it the leading platform for unlocking the next generation of DeFi markets and use cases.
Data Tokenization & A Responsible Data Economy
The Oasis Network’s combination of confidential computing and blockchain enables a new paradigm called Tokenized Data. Blockchain allows for logging and enforcement of usage policies with high integrity and auditability. Confidential computing ensures that data remains private during computation and cannot be reused without permission. This capsule of data + policies creates a new kind of digital asset that can be consumed along specific guidelines for a specific fee or exchange of value.
With Tokenized Data, the Oasis Network can power the next generation of privacy-first applications and unlock a new responsible data society. Data providers on the Oasis Network can put their Tokenized Data to use. They can earn rewards by staking their data with apps that want to analyze it or control how their most sensitive information is consumed by the services they use.
Data providers can earn rewards from staking their data capsules.


The Oasis Network separates consensus and execution into two layers, the Consensus Layer and The ParaTime Layer, which gives the network a more flexible (and potentially versatile) design. Separation of consensus and execution allows ParaTimes to process transactions in parallel, meaning workloads processed on one ParaTime won’t slow down or impact another.
  • The Consensus Layer accepts values from its clients (the ParaTimes) and writes these values into the next block of the blockchain. It also manages ROSE token operations and the selection of validators for the ParaTime consensus committee.
  • The ParaTime Layer is where smart contract execution occurs. Each ParaTime can be developed in isolation to meet the needs of a specific application, such as confidential computation and open or closed committees.
Discrepancy Detection Discrepancy detection is the verifiable computing technique that Oasis uses to verify ParaTime execution. It permits the use of smaller ParaTime committees and requires a smaller replication factor for the same level of security, which according to the team, is more efficient than sharding or parachain models. The two key features include (1) random selection of compute nodes from a population to form a compute committee and (2) accepting the results only if all committee members agree. If there is a discrepancy, a separate protocol called “discrepancy resolution” is enabled. which serves as another security parameter.
ParaTime Logic and Tooling Oasis can support various forms of confidential computing technology through its flexible ParaTime system. For example, The Oasis Eth/WASI Runtime uses secure enclaves to keep data private while being processed.
Oasis Network also supports a number of tools and SDKs to assist developers in building applications. These SDKs rely on differential privacy that aims to protect individual data. The platform supports smart contracts in RUST. It also has a ParaTime that offers backward compatibility with Ethereum, which would allow Ethereum developers to migrate existing
contracts with minimal code changes. In addition, developers can build applications using existing Ethereum tools such as Truffle and Metamask.


The Oasis Network is a Layer 1 decentralized blockchain network designed to be uniquely scalable, privacy-first and versatile.
The Network has two main architectural components, the Consensus Layer and the ParaTime Layer.
  1. The Consensus Layer is a scalable, high-throughput, secure, proof-of-stake consensus run by a decentralized set of validator nodes.
  2. The ParaTime Layer hosts many parallel runtimes (ParaTimes), each representing a replicated compute environment with shared state.


Oasis Core is designed around the principle of modularity. The consensus layer is an interface that provides a number of important services to other parts of Oasis Core. This allows, in theory, for the consensus backend to be changed. The different backends live in go/consensus, with the general interfaces in go/consensus/api. The general rule is that anything outside of a specific consensus backend package should be consensus backend agnostic.
Currently the only supported consensus backend is Tendermint, a BFT consensus protocol. For this reason some API surfaces may not be fully consensus backend agnostic.
  • Each consensus backend needs to provide the following services:
  • Epoch Time, an epoch-based time keeping service.
  • Random Beacon, a source of randomness for other services.
  • Staking, operations required to operate a PoS blockchain.
  • Registry, an entity/node/runtime public key and metadata registry service.
  • Committee Scheduler service.
  • Root Hash, runtime commitment processing and minimal runtime state keeping service.
  • Key Manager policy state keeping service.
Each of the above services provides methods to query its current state. In order to mutate the current state, each operation needs to be wrapped into a consensus transaction and submitted to the consensus layer for processing.
Oasis Core defines an interface for each kind of service (in go//api), with all concrete service implementations living together with the consensus backend implementation. The service API defines the transaction format for mutating state together with any query methods (both are consensus backend agnostic).


The Runtime Host Protocol (RHP) is a simple RPC protocol, which is used to communicate between a runtime and an Oasis Core Compute Node.
The RHP assumes a reliable byte stream oriented transport underneath. The only current implementation uses AF_LOCAL sockets and Fortanix ABI streams backed by shared memory to communicate with runtimes inside Intel SGX enclaves.
RHP allows two forms of communication:
  • Host-to-runtime where the host (compute node) submits requests to the runtime to handle and the runtime provides responses. All such request messages are prefixed with Runtime.
  • Runtime-to-host where the runtime submits requests to the host and the host provides responses. All such request messages are prefixed with Host.
In its lifetime, from connection establishment to its termination, the RHP connection goes through the following states:
  • Uninitialized is the default state of a newly created connection. In this state the connection could be used either on the runtime side or the host side. To proceed to the next state, the connection must be initialized either as a runtime or as a host. The Rust implementation only supports runtime mode while the Go implementation can be initialized in either mode by using either InitHost or InitGuest.
  • Initializing is the state when the connection is being initialized (see below for details). After a connection has been successfully initialized it will transition into ready state. If the initialization failed, it will instead transition into closed state.
  • Ready is the state when the connection can be used to exchange messages in either direction.
  • Closed is the state of the connection after it is considered closed. No messages may be exchanged at this point.
If either the runtime or the host generates an invalid message, either end may terminate the connection (and/or the runtime process).
Before a connection can be used, it must be initialized as either representing the runtime end or the host (compute node) end. The Rust implementation only supports being initialized as the runtime and the Go implementation is currently only used as the host. If one uses the oasis-core-runtime crate to build a runtime, initialization is handled automatically.
The host drives the initialization procedure and it proceeds as follows:
  • The host sends RuntimeInfoRequest providing the runtime with its designated identifier. The identifier comes from the registry service in the consensus layer.
  • The runtime must reply with a RuntimeInfoResponse specifying its own version and the version of the runtime host protocol that it supports. If the protocol version is incompatible, initialization fails.
After the initialization procedure, the connection can be used for other messages. In case the runtime is running in a trusted execution environment (TEE) like Intel SGX, the next required step is to perform remote attestation.
Identifiers for runtimes are represented by the common.Namespace type.
The first 64 bits are reserved for specifying flags expressing various properties of the runtime, and the last 192 bits are used as the runtime identifier.
Currently the following flags are defined (bit positions assume the flags vector is interpreted as an unsigned 64 bit big endian integer):
  • Bit 63: The runtime is a test runtime and not for production networks.
  • Bit 62: The runtime is a key manager runtime.
  • Bits 61–0: Reserved for future expansion and MUST be set to 0.
Note: Unless the registry consensus parameter DebugAllowTestRuntimes is set, attempts to register a test runtime will be rejected.
All messages exchanged by different components in Oasis Core are encoded using canonical CBOR as defined by RFC 7049.
When describing different messages in the documentation, we use Go structs with field annotations that specify how different fields translate to their encoded form.



The Oasis Network’s impressive scalability is achieved through a cutting-edge set of features that provide faster transaction speeds and higher throughput than other networks. The top-tier performance of the network is largely due to its separation of compute and consensus operations into the Consensus Layer and ParaTime Layer. This separation allows multiple ParaTimes to process transactions in parallel, meaning complex workloads processed on one ParaTime won’t slow down faster, simpler transactions on another. Plus, the network’s sophisticated discrepancy detection makes Oasis more efficient than sharding and parachains — requiring a smaller replication factor for the same level of security.


The Oasis Network designed the first ever confidential ParaTime with support for confidential smart contracts. In a confidential ParaTime, nodes are required to use a type of secure computing technology called a TEE (Trusted Execution Environment.) TEEs act as a hypothetical black box for smart contract execution in a confidential ParaTime. Encrypted data goes into the black box along with the smart contract, data is decrypted, processed by the smart contract, and then encrypted before it is sent out of the TEE. This process ensures that data remains confidential, and is never leaked to the node operator or application developer
The Oasis Eth/WASI Runtime is an open source example of a confidential ParaTime that uses Intel SGX. Other secure compute technology, such as ZKP, HE, or other secure enclaves, can also be used. In the future we hope to support additional computation techniques such as secure multi-party compute, federated learning and more.
Confidentiality unlocks a range of new use cases on blockchain by allowing personal or sensitive data, such as their social security number, bank statements, health information to be used by apps on the Oasis Network — something incredibly risky on other Layer 1 networks.


Designed to support the next generation of blockchain applications, the Oasis Network is incredibly versatile, agile, and customizable. Namely, each ParaTime can be developed in isolation to meet the needs of a specific application. ParaTimes committees can be made large or small, open or closed, allowing for faster or more secure execution depending on the requirements of a particular use case. Nodes can be required to have specific hardware, such as Secure Enclaves in a confidential ParaTime. Each ParaTime can similarly run different Runtime VMs (ParaTime Engines) such as EVM backwards compatible engine, Rust based smart contract language, or a Data tokenization engine. Finally to support enterprise and developer use cases, ParaTimes can be made Permissioned or Permissionless — allowing consortiums to have their own closed ParaTime, or communities to have full decentralized open ParaTimes.
The versatility of the ParaTime Layer allows the Oasis Network to expand and grow to address a broad set of new and exciting use cases, while still maintaining the same core ledger and consensus layer.


  • Separates consensus and execution into two layers — the Consensus Layer and The ParaTime Layer — for better scalability and increased versatility.
  • Separation of consensus and execution allows multiple ParaTimes to process transactions in parallel, meaning complex workloads processed on one ParaTime won’t slow down faster, simpler transactions on another.
  • The ParaTime Layer is entirely decentralized, allowing anyone to develop and build their own ParaTime. Each ParaTime can be developed in isolation to meet the needs of a specific application, such as confidential compute, open or closed committees, and more.
  • The network’s sophisticated discrepancy detection makes Oasis more efficient than sharding and parachains — requiring a smaller replication factor for the same level of security.
  • The network has broad support for confidential computing technology. The Oasis Eth/WASI Runtime is an open source example of a confidential ParaTime that uses secure enclaves to keep data private while being processed.


1. Confidentiality — Oasis’ ParaTimes have support for key management and TEEs like Intel SGX in order to allow for end-to-end confidentiality and data ownership on the network.
2. Versatility & Resilience — Oasis can support a wide variety of use cases without needing to go through hard-forks or large updates.
3. Performance — Throughput issues are reduced or avoided creating a faster Network that is less prone to congestion.
4. Auditability — ParaTime state and execution can be trusted because each ParaTime can be audited and verified independently, without sharing state publicly.
Anyone can build a runtime and add it to the Consensus layer.
Oasis Labs’ Data Sovereignty Runtime will provide a confidential compute and storage layer for developers who plan to run confidential smart contracts on Oasis. This runtime allows developers to “take advantage of confidential computation and secure computing techniques while the blockchain technology is abstracted away.” The potential applications for ParaTimes are extensive: ParaTimes are already being used by teams in the genomics, hospital management, credit scoring, and financial services industries.
Other ParaTimes in development include the SecondState Virtual Machine (SSVM), a fully-featured Ethereum WebAssembly (Ewasm) Virtual Machine.



In most places where cryptographic hashes are required, they use the SHA-512/256 hash function as specified in FIPS 180–4.


All cryptographic signatures are made using the Ed25519 (pure) scheme specified in RFC 8032.


When signing messages and verifying signatures we require the use of a domain separation context in order to make sure the messages cannot be repurposed in a different protocol.
The domain separation scheme adds a preprocessing step to any signing and verification operation. The step computes the value that is then signed/verified using Ed25519 as usual.


Oasis Node exposes an RPC interface to enable external applications to query current consensus and runtime states, submit transactions, etc.
The RPC interface is ONLY exposed via an AF_LOCAL socket called internal.sock located in the node’s data directory. This interface should NEVER be directly exposed over the network as it has no authentication and allows full control, including shutdown, of a node.
In order to support remote clients and different protocols (e.g. REST), a gateway that handles things like authentication and rate limiting should be used.
  • All ParaTimes rely on the security of the underlying Oasis blockchain for their auditability. Running a validator on the Oasis blockchain is a way to support all ParaTimes.
  • Per the design of the Oasis Protocol, running a validator entitles a participant to earn more rewards for helping secure the network than delegation. Validators share inflationary rewards with their delegators but not the transaction fee earnings. The more ParaTimes on Oasis, the more transactions there will be, and the more advantageous it becomes for network participants to run a validator.
  • ParaTime operators will ultimately need to have individuals run nodes on their ParaTime and may look to the Oasis validator list to identify reliable infrastructure providers for support. Those already running an Oasis validator will be well-positioned to be selected to operate those new nodes, for which they may earn additional fees.


Like other parts of Oasis Core, the RPC interface exposed by Oasis Node uses the gRPC protocol with the CBOR codec (instead of Protocol Buffers).


Oasis Core nodes communicate between themselves over various protocols. One of those protocols is gRPC which is currently used for the following:
  • Compute nodes talking to storage nodes.
  • Compute nodes talking to key manager nodes.
  • Key manager nodes talking to other key manager nodes.
  • Clients talking to compute nodes.
  • Clients talking to key manager nodes.
All these communications can have access control policies attached specifying who is allowed to perform certain actions at which point in time. This first requires an authentication mechanism.

2.7.2 TLS

In order to authenticate both ends of a connection, gRPC is always used together with TLS. However, since this is a decentralized network, there are some specifics on how peer verification is performed when establishing a TLS session between two nodes.
Instead of relying on Certificate Authorities, they use the registry service provided by the consensus layer. Each node publishes its own trusted public keys in the registry as part of its signed node descriptor. TLS sessions use its own ephemeral Ed25519 key pair that is used to (self-)sign a node’s X509 certificate. When verifying peer identities the public key on the certificate is compared with the public key(s) published in the registry.
All TLS keys are ephemeral and nodes are encouraged to frequently rotate them (the Oasis Core implementation in this repository supports this automatically).


Oasis-node can report a number of metrics to Prometheus server. By default, no metrics are collected and reported. There is one way to enable metrics reporting:
Pull mode listens on given address and waits for Prometheus to scrape the metrics.


The oasis network token: ROSE.


Token Name & Symbol: ROSE
Type: Native
Usage: Payments, Vote


The ROSE token will be used for transaction fees, staking, and delegation at Oasis Network’s Consensus Layer.
ROSE: A Symbol of Privacy
Historically they have often represented “secrecy”. Dating back to Ancient Greece, the Rose was seen as a symbol for secrets or privacy, used by Aphrodite as a gift in exchange for keeping the secrets of Gods.
In Ancient Rome this symbolism continued and the phrase “sub rosa” or “under the rose” was to mean “done in secret” or “under a pledge of secrecy”. This phrase and the symbol of Roses as secrecy extended throughout history with the British Tudors era where state secrets were decided in a room with a large rose hanging from the ceiling.
This fits well with our vision for the Oasis Network, which seeks to power the next generation of blockchain use cases through its unique capacity to support confidential computing and private data on the ledger.
Full Report
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2020.10.15 01:53 lolpolice88 Debbie Ngarewa-Packer: Taking on the world from Pātea
" by Dale Husband
If she chose to, Debbie Ngarewa-Packer could compile a CV that few could match for variety. She could list Poi E for instance, not that she’s old enough (or good enough, she says) to have been one of the pioneer performers. She’s becoming an old hand at court battles in an effort (successful so far) to protect Taranaki’s ironsands from one of the big overseas mining companies, she’s done university studies in Tasmania and California, and she’s now a co-leader, along with John Tamihere of the Māori Party. And that’s not nearly the half of it, as you can see in this chat with Dale.
Kia ora, Debbie. You’re from one of the many Taranaki families who, no doubt, still harbour bitter memories of what went on at Parihaka well over 100 years ago. There were, I understand, more than 400 of your people shipped to the South Island and imprisoned, mostly in Dunedin, for daring to try to hold on to their land.
Yes. I definitely carry a deep sadness over that. Yet I’m acutely aware of how resilient we’ve been, too. Many of my ancestors had passed away 10 years earlier when the Crown started evicting and arresting our tane in South Taranaki.
They were referred to as Pakakohi prisoners, and 74 of them were shipped to Dunedin in 1869 — to hard labour there and, in many cases, their death.
The records show that they laboured for a total of 22,447 days. They built Māori Road and significantly widened Anderson’s Bay Road in Dunedin. And, especially because so many of our koroua never returned, it’s fair to say that there’s entrenched in us a deep sense of what is right and what is wrong.
My koko, Ueroa Hohepa Ngarewa, who was born in 1901, was one of the first surviving mokopuna born after those terrible experiences down south in Otago. His father, Hohepa Ngarewa Tumahuki (known also as Hohepa Ngarewa), was one of the 16-year-olds taken down there with his dad and uncles and many of his koroua. And they perished there.
But Hohepa survived and came back up to Parihaka, which is where a lot of our whānau had gone. Then, 10 years after he’d been taken south as a prisoner, they were persecuted again for passively resisting land confiscations at Parihaka — and he was fortunate to survive that.
He married a wāhine, Apakura Pikirapu, then lost her and some of their children because of the influenza epidemic in the 1890s. They’re in a mass grave near our marae. He remarried Waitohu Rangihaeata and was gifted with three tamariki. One of them became my koro.
That’s a common sort of story for our whānau. We used to wonder why our men were so spoilt and pandered to, but it’s because we didn’t have many surviving tāne after the muru raupatu (land confiscation), the imprisonments and deaths. I often used to tease my brothers and male cousins about being mummy’s and aunties’ boys. But that was the reason.
We didn’t have many tāne within our hapū or whānau who went to war later on because many of our males were still young and absolutely protected. My father came very much from that culture.
Debbie and her mum, Colleen.
And what can you tell us about your mum?
Well, my dad was Hemi Ngarewa and he met this fiery Irish redhead, Colleen Cleasby, when she was 16. She was the first non-Māori to marry into our whānau. Most of the relationships earlier were pre-arranged. But not this one. Mum married Dad and they lived in Pātea with our Koko. And she eventually became a much better reo speaker than Dad.
She had me at 17 and then my two brothers and a younger sister. We were raised in an extended whānau in Pātea. All our friends were cousins. We didn’t know anyone outside the whānau. We were a humble family, a freezing-worker family.
Being the oldest child and oldest moko to my Koko, I was sent away to boarding school. Our whānau was committed to an aggressive strategy of getting us educated. There was always a real drive to push us to better ourselves and to look to a future where we weren’t so reliant on jobs like the freezing works.
Mum started out as the cleaner for our local school, but became a teacher aide, then a trained teacher and, finally, a well-loved principal of Pātea Primary School.
It must’ve been tough when the works closed nearly 40 years ago.
Yes. That was in 1983. And our whānau, like so many others, were made redundant. They were frightening times. There was one occasion when I saw my father cry seeing all his whānau, our ringawera whānau, leaving home to find work — and not knowing how he was going to feed his family.
Generations of our family had worked together on the chain, so it was as much a whānau culture as it was a place of work. And, when the works closed, for many, that was the first time that our whānau and households had been broken up since the muru raupatu days. Many of our men then spent a few years lost in MACESS and ACCESS programmes.
Mum decided that Dad needed to go and retrain, so she sorted out his papers and got him into Teachers’ Training College in Palmerston North to train as a teacher. So he became an adult tertiary student and went from being a freezing worker to becoming a Māori teacher at Pātea High School where he was mentored by a much loved rangatira, Haami Prime.
The catalyst for that sort of commitment was our belief that we should keep striving and finding a way to improve the whānau’s wellbeing. Through all of that, my parents worked at the pā, were active in the community and looked after the aunties and uncles — who looked after us. Mum set up Pātea’s first bilingual unit there, too.
And yes, there were tough and uncertain times when the works closed, but our whānau adjusted and, as a community, we endured. Then, in our darkest time with so much going against us, our whānau created Poi E. And that was a new beginning for us.
Debbie’s whānau in front of her house in Pātea, Christmas 2019.
We’ll talk about Poi E in a minute. But what is your situation now?
I live in a three-generational home with my tāne, Neil Packer (who’s of Ngā Ruahine, Ngāti Kuia and Ngāti Apa), our son Pawhare, daughter Hannah, son-in-law Jordan and mokopuna Hekaiaha and River. We’re on tūpuna land that once was confiscated. We have chooks and sheep and an orchard. It’s a simple life — and it’s a full house with lots of love and lots of looking after each other.
Let’s focus on your mum for a moment or two. I’ve got some Irish whakapapa as well, so I have an extra bit of interest in her. She sounds like an amazing person, and I get the impression that you have a good share of her feistiness. But how did she come to be in Taranaki? And then be the first Pākehā to join your whānau?
Mum’s parents had come over from Ireland and they farmed at Paeroa as well as doing some goldmining up that way. Mum’s mother had five daughters, but that marriage ended and, eventually, she left with her new partner and daughters and moved to Manaia, not far from Hāwera and up the coast from Pātea.
Mum, who’s an extremely intelligent woman, always had an affinity for Māori, and must’ve taken a shine to Dad who, so we understand, made a big impression on her as dancer — not that us kids ever saw much evidence of those dancing skills.
Mum helped raise her sisters and was extremely protective of them. But never really took to her stepdad and eventually left Hawera High to start nursing. She was always a battler for what’s right — and she taught us, no matter what, to fight for those “being treated wrong”, to fight for equity and fairness.
She pushed bilingual teaching way before its time. She rejected the stereotypical labels that were put on our community and kids. And she taught us to commit to a kaupapa bigger than ourselves.
So we learned to be activists and to take pressure at a very young age. She once sat with Eva Rickard on a long bus trip and that began a long friendship. Mum had, and still has, this capacity for embracing new ideas and enriching the community with them.
The Pātea Māori Club with Dalvanius.
Now let’s turn to Pātea’s pride and joy. To that wonderful waiata, Poi E. Did you have a part to play in that production?
Oh, heck no. Poi E came out in my sixth form year when I was a boarder at New Plymouth Girls’ High. The Pātea Māori Club had lots of my aunties, like Patricia Ngarewa who’d married Dad’s older brother, Pawhare, a founder of the club. So it was all my aunties, uncles and cousins. And there was Ngoi Pewhairangi, from the East Coast, and Dalvanius — they were the two who composed the song.
When the works closed, some of the whānau had been forced to move over to Waipukurau and Kahungunu territory. But the Pātea Māori Club and Poi E brought everyone back home. It became a reason for our whānau getting together.
They’d all come back after work on Friday for the weekend, be at the pā, and we’d all be home. You’d see aunties and uncles you hadn’t seen for a week or a month. And they’d bring things back, like boxes of fruit from Hawke’s Bay where they’d been working. It was awesome, because I guess we saw that, no matter where we went to work or lived, we were still us.
I’d never make the A-team. They were way too talented for me. Even now, I’m only in the third row if we do it at the pā. I might get kaumātua front-row status one day, but not yet.
But here was our Pātea community split to pieces yet still showing that we could survive and stay connected to the marae and to one another. And that connection wasn’t easy because we had no internet and not everyone had a landline.
We’d been written off. The banks had left Hāwera and Pātea. Businesses had closed down. People had sold up. We showed, though, that we could still endure. And, through all that adversity, our whānau pulled together and came up with an international hit.
As you know, that wasn’t the first major challenge for us as a Māori community. We’d risen from the muru raupatu experience. Risen from the influenza epidemic after World War One. And here we were rising from the freezing works closure. Not just surviving but rising. I am so proud of my whānau and community. And they inspire me to this day.
Hemi and Colleen Ngarewa, Debbie’s parents.
Has there been something special in the community’s ability to bounce back?
I think the critical lever has been our commitment to education and our whānau connection. I come from Pariroa Pā and we have an amazing collection of teachers, principals, managers and kapa haka tutors.
In my school days, it was the whānau pooling their scarce money to get me and others off to boarding school. And when you have that sort of support you feel accountable to your people.
But I found it hard being away from home. I was devastated. I’d never been away from my Koko before. He’d ring me and I’d be crying every night. We’d slept together as moko and koko. And I really missed my whānau and my cousins. So I didn’t want to be away at school in that horrible, dark hostel.
So there was a sacrifice from us all. But, through the sacrifices, we were able to go off and learn, and extend ourselves, make friends, learn about other lifestyles, cultures and then come back home, rejoin our whānau and bring new ideas to our community. Sometimes it’s been as simple as becoming skilled enough to get better money and bring food and better lifestyles to our whānau. It hasn’t been about being flash or flashy.
In your case, Debbie, the search for new ideas hasn’t been restricted to heading off to New Plymouth. You’ve developed this strong sense of social justice — and your journey has meant tertiary studies not only in Tasmania, but also at Stanford University in California.
Well, I realised that, if I was to have a worthwhile influence, I had to extend myself the way our whānau in Pātea had taught us. My own iwi had started Treaty settlement discussions and I was concerned about the Crown’s insincerity and its limited understanding of justice — or its grasp of the intent of Te Tiriti.
I felt I needed to understand what other Indigenous peoples were doing, what other development models were working, how other exploited communities were dealing with their situations.
And Tasmania was appealing because its history with the Palawa Tasmanian Aboriginal peoples has been similar to ours. So the University of Tasmania was an easy decision for me and especially because of certain lecturers they had — even though I was told that it was so little known it was career suicide for me to do an MBA there.
Perhaps it was a risk but I’m happy to take risks — and sometimes I feel it’s necessary to stretch myself. So that’s what I did, even though at the time my youngest son was a three-month-old baby.
Years later, in 2014, the attraction of Stanford University was much different. We could see the technological world was well on its way with its Googles and Apples and so on. Generation Alpha was being born. Our young people were never ever going to do without the internet.
But, here we were, as adults, being asked to lead a generation we barely understood. And here was Stanford, one of the leaders in the digital space, pointing the way to careers and employment and businesses that could mean not having to leave home, that could be set up in their garages.
Studying at Stanford was about becoming familiar with this digital world so that our whānau could become entrepreneurs, so that they could have productive lives and still stay home and be leaders in the community and on the marae.
For me, it was an “everything to gain and nothing to lose” kind of situation. If it didn’t work, well, it’d still be a good lesson. But it just exploded my mind. It created an absolute revolution in my thinking and it’s continued that way.
I’ve carried on taking rangatahi groups back there every year since 2016. And it’s for the same reason. To revolutionise their thinking. If only one of us comes back with an idea, it’s a success. You know, it’s a bit like Kupe, and all our tūpuna — if only one of us comes back with seedlings, then it’s still been a profitable journey.
With Haimona Maruera, Tumu Whakarae of Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Ruanui, outside the Court of Appeal in Wellington. In April, Ngāti Ruanui won their appeal to stop seabed mining off the South Taranaki coast.
Yours has been a good journey, too. But it’s a complex one and there’ve been battles, along the way, with multinational companies over environmental issues — and now you have national politics on your agenda, after teaming up with John Tamihere to lead the Māori Party. And that election is less than four months away. So you have a fair bit on your plate.
The successes we’ve had so far in fighting for the environment and fighting against seabed mining have been critical. It’s a David and Goliath story where the rich extractors with bottomless pockets have been hoping to wear us down . . . wear down our small, grassroots community.
We have the whole community backing us but it still takes a huge toll. And it’s a huge weight on us knowing that we’re the first in Aotearoa to take on this fight. But those who know me are aware that I’m passionate about the environment. So there’ll be no giving up.
I feel the same about the work I do with the rangatahi. That includes an after-school, digital innovation programme that we set up. And also a holiday digital innovation programme. A part of that is a fellowship for a student each year to go to Stanford to learn to take risks and explore the opportunities, and then come back and apply that thinking to our problems — like finding ways to stop our wai being polluted.
They return not just with new ideas but also with the confidence to help solve our problems ourselves, instead of waiting for the answers to come from the government or from strangers who have no vested interest in our welfare.
So this work with the rangatahi is a great privilege and satisfaction for me. And it’s something I’ll probably keep doing until the day I die. Often mainstream systems tell our kids how poorly they’re doing rather than how amazing they are. Some come from pretty tough backgrounds — and I tell you, Dale, this has been the most satisfying, enriching, humbling, privileged bloody job I’ve ever had.
As for the politics, well, I’m not an obvious choice to have a go at that. I’m unknown, I’m grassroots, pretty ordinary really. Pretty much in my trackies most days. But these kids are the reason I get out there and make sure they’re not forgotten. They’re so worth fighting for.
With a rangatahi delegation at Stanford University, August 2019.
I see you’ve had a bit of an apprenticeship in local government.
Yeah. I spent some time on the South Taranaki District Council and as the deputy mayor. I did that because there was no Māori voice on issues affecting our awa, our whenua, our people.
For a start, we got an iwi liaison management position. And, because sewage was leaking into our awa — where our kids were swimming and our people were fishing — we got new sewage ponds, an infrastructure to protect our wai, and some new sporting facilities, to name a few.
I also went into iwi politics and that was because the Crown had landed us with legislation that had set off some of our marae against each other. And the next generation needed to step forward to remind us that we’re all related, to advance our kaupapa — and to bring about kotahitanga for us.
So my generation stepped up to do what our ancestors and kaumātua taught us. That’s to stand together and carry on the battle. And it’s the same kaupapa with the Māori Party. It’s to remind us that we should be united in bringing about equity and justice and partnership, the sharing of power, so that our rangatahi never have to feel prejudice against them or deal with systems that don’t allow them to succeed.
My approach is pretty simple. It’s mana motuhake. It’s being Māori for all Māori. That’s why I chose the Māori Party where we can be Māori and where we don’t have to make excuses or explain things to others who aren’t Māori.
And, on top of that, JT and I get on bloody well.
(This interview has been edited for length and clarity.)"
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2020.10.10 16:10 DramaticPatience0 [HIRING] 40 Jobs in CA Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Bluecrew Warehouse Associate / Assembler - $13.5/hr Jurupa Valley
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Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in ca. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2020.10.05 22:43 human-foie-gras BF is moving in, how to fairly split things?

I hope this is ok to post here. I was thinking of other forums, but you can never tell what will draw the trolls.
I (33F) have been dating my BF (33M) for 11 months. If it’s important I’ve never lived with a romantic partner, only housemates. He was married, separated over 2 years ago, divorce is being finalized. They were together about 10 years. Neither of us has kids.
In July I relocated about 10 hrs away for a new job. It was a great opportunity, I got a big raise and I now live in Southern California, which is what I wanted.
We want to move in together and have a loose timeline of between Christmas and New Years. If he gets a job here sooner he’d move before then.
We’ve talked about it and agree that household expenses should be split proportional to our salary. He makes about 3x as much as I do if you look at our hourly earnings. If you count fringe benefits it’s about 2x as high, as my company provides a 2 bedroom apartment and all utilities (cable, internet, electric, etc) as a perk to people in my position. It’s about $2500 a month perk, near as I can figure. This is not a temporary relocation benefit, as long as I work for the company in this position I will have guaranteed housing.
Should that be taken into consideration when we talk about splitting household expenses (food, streaming services, etc)? Like my job is the reason we’re going to be able to live rent free in a very expensive area. Or should we just look at the take home and base it off that? I want things to be equitable.
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2020.10.05 19:30 Ainfluencer Top 15 Music Influencers on Instagram in 2020

Music influencers can sway their audience’s purchasing choices due to their power, expertise, position, or connection with their audience.
They’re generally well-established artists who brands reach out to and collaborate with. There’s been a big shift in this influencer category with Tik Tok now becoming heavily prevalent and influential.
In this post, you will find a list of the top 15 music influencers on Instagram.

15. Baby Ariel

Ariel Rebecca Martin is an 18 years old American singer. She is also a social media personality, singer, and actress and is known as Baby Ariel in the online world. Ariel is well-known for her videos on the Tiktok platform and because of this popularity, she can be one of our top music influencers. @babyariel

14. Jannat Zubair Rahman

Jannat Zubair Rahmani is only 17 years old and it is hard to consider her as one of the top music influencers in the world, but with 10 million followers no one can ignore her and she caters to her niche. She is a rising star from India and is growing very fast. @jannatzubair29

13. Chance the Rapper

Chance the Rapper (real name Chancelor Jonathan Bennett) is one of the unique American rappers, singers, songwriters, and music influencers. He gained his popularity on the internet and published his earliest mixtapes on streaming services; using social media to create brand awareness and create a reputation.– @chancetherapper

12. Loren Gray

In the world of music influencers Loren Gray is another one who received her big boost thanks to TikTok. Her success in making videos in TikTok led to the creation of a social media popularity with 17.7 million Instagram followers and 3.5 million subscribers on YouTube. @loren

11. Dove Cameron

Dove Cameron is one of the young music influencers who have almost 31 million followers on Instagram. In addition to being a popular singer, Dove is a famous actress. She is well-known in the Disney Channel adolescent sitcom, Liv and Maddie, for playing a dual role as the eponymous protagonists and playing Mal in the Descendants film series. @dovecameron

10. Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg (real name Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr.) is a 47 years old rapper and social media personality. He is also a songwriter and producer. He has 35.7 million followers on Instagram and more than 5 million subscribers on YouTube. Cannabis brands love Snoop Dogg for his advocacy on smoking weed. He’s one of the biggest weed marketing tools on the planet. @snoopdogg

9. Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello has 40.3 million followers on Instagram. She is a Cuban-American singer and songwriter. In 2016, Cabello declared that it had partnered with Save the Children to develop a limited-edition “Love Only” T-shirt to increase consciousness of the problems on equal rights for women to schooling, health care and possibilities for success. @camila_cabello

8. Cardi B

Cardi B (full name Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar) is an American 26 years old rapper. She is also a television personality. She is well known for her breakout single, “Bodak Yellow”, which reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States in 2017. @iamcardib

7. Shawn Mendes

Shawn is a 21 years old Canadian singer and model. He has 52 million followers on Instagram. Mendes learned how to play guitar by exploring videos tutorial from YouTube at the age of 14. Less than one year later he started posting videos on YouTube and it was his start to become a famous influencer. @shawnmendes

6. Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is one of the biggest names in the world of music influencers on social media with 74.3 million followers on Instagram. She published her first single from her upcoming album Tell Me You Love Me in July 2017, which immediately went into the Top 5 on the iTunes lists. @ddlovato

5. Rihanna

Pop superstar Rihanna has an Instagram account with over 75 million followers. She is known throughout her career for adopting different musical styles and reinventing her picture. She uses her Instagram account to promote her own brand of beauty, Fenty. Utilizing her music influence, Fenty is now one of the most world-renowned beauty and clothing brands. @badgalriri

4. Katy Perry

One of the most popular music influencers is Katy Perry with the full name Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson. She was born in Santa Barbara, California in 1984 and born in a religious family, Katy Perry first tried to break with a gospel album into the music business.
Perry began singing lessons around the age of 9 and when she was 13, she learned how to play guitar. Now she has more than 85 million followers on Instagram. @katyperry

3. Taylor Swift

With over 122 million followers, Taylor Swift is one of the most followed persons on Instagram. She is famous for her private life narrative songs that have gained extensive media coverage. She is 29 years old and from the age of 14, she started working in music. @taylorswift

2. Beyonce

Beyonce is an American pop star with no need for more introduction. She shares pictures frequently to her Instagram feed, which has more than 133 million followers but rarely provides any text captions. @beyonce

1. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is the second one in the list of most followed on Instagram. Although many music influencers are using their popularity to feature their recent album or promoted products, many are also using social media to do well.
Selena Gomez is doing a lot of job with A21, an anti-human trafficking organization, and she is using her Instagram status to encourage that cause. She has major collab deals with brands like PUMA and COACH and regularly promotes her collaborated high-end fashion gear under branding COACH x Selena Gomez & PUMA x Selena Gomez. @selenagomez
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2020.10.05 19:14 Ainfluencer Top 15 Music Influencers on Instagram in 2020

Top 15 Music Influencers on Instagram in 2020
Music influencers can sway their audience’s purchasing choices due to their power, expertise, position, or connection with their audience.
They’re generally well-established artists who brands reach out to and collaborate with. There’s been a big shift in this influencer category with Tik Tok now becoming heavily prevalent and influential.
In this post, you will find a list of the top 15 music influencers on Instagram.

15. Baby Ariel
Ariel Rebecca Martin is an 18 years old American singer. She is also a social media personality, singer, and actress and is known as Baby Ariel in the online world. Ariel is well-known for her videos on the Tiktok platform and because of this popularity, she can be one of our top music influencers. @babyariel

14. Jannat Zubair Rahmani
Jannat Zubair Rahmani is only 17 years old and it is hard to consider her as one of the top music influencers in the world, but with 10 million followers no one can ignore her and she caters to her niche. She is a rising star from India and is growing very fast. @jannatzubair29

13. Chance the Rapper
Chance the Rapper (real name Chancelor Jonathan Bennett) is one of the unique American rappers, singers, songwriters, and music influencers. He gained his popularity on the internet and published his earliest mixtapes on streaming services; using social media to create brand awareness and create a reputation.– @chancetherapper

12. Loren Gray

In the world of music influencers Loren Gray is another one who received her big boost thanks to TikTok. Her success in making videos in TikTok led to the creation of a social media popularity with 17.7 million Instagram followers and 3.5 million subscribers on YouTube. @loren

11. Dove Cameron

Dove Cameron is one of the young music influencers who have almost 31 million followers on Instagram. In addition to being a popular singer, Dove is a famous actress. She is well-known in the Disney Channel adolescent sitcom, Liv and Maddie, for playing a dual role as the eponymous protagonists and playing Mal in the Descendants film series. @dovecameron

10. Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg (real name Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr.) is a 47 years old rapper and social media personality. He is also a songwriter and producer. He has 35.7 million followers on Instagram and more than 5 million subscribers on YouTube. Cannabis brands love Snoop Dogg for his advocacy on smoking weed. He’s one of the biggest weed marketing tools on the planet. @snoopdogg

9. Camila Cabello
Camila Cabello has 40.3 million followers on Instagram. She is a Cuban-American singer and songwriter. In 2016, Cabello declared that it had partnered with Save the Children to develop a limited-edition “Love Only” T-shirt to increase consciousness of the problems on equal rights for women to schooling, health care and possibilities for success. @camila_cabello

8. Cardi B
Cardi B (full name Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar) is an American 26 years old rapper. She is also a television personality. She is well known for her breakout single, “Bodak Yellow”, which reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States in 2017. @iamcardib

7. Shawn Mendes
Shawn is a 21 years old Canadian singer and model. He has 52 million followers on Instagram. Mendes learned how to play guitar by exploring videos tutorial from YouTube at the age of 14. Less than one year later he started posting videos on YouTube and it was his start to become a famous influencer. @shawnmendes

6. Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato is one of the biggest names in the world of music influencers on social media with 74.3 million followers on Instagram. She published her first single from her upcoming album Tell Me You Love Me in July 2017, which immediately went into the Top 5 on the iTunes lists. @ddlovato

5. Rihanna
Pop superstar Rihanna has an Instagram account with over 75 million followers. She is known throughout her career for adopting different musical styles and reinventing her picture. She uses her Instagram account to promote her own brand of beauty, Fenty. Utilizing her music influence, Fenty is now one of the most world-renowned beauty and clothing brands. @badgalriri

4. Katy Perry
One of the most popular music influencers is Katy Perry with the full name Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson. She was born in Santa Barbara, California in 1984 and born in a religious family, Katy Perry first tried to break with a gospel album into the music business.
Perry began singing lessons around the age of 9 and when she was 13, she learned how to play guitar. Now she has more than 85 million followers on Instagram. @katyperry

3. Taylor Swift
With over 122 million followers, Taylor Swift is one of the most followed persons on Instagram. She is famous for her private life narrative songs that have gained extensive media coverage. She is 29 years old and from the age of 14, she started working in music. @taylorswift

2. Beyonce
Beyonce is an American pop star with no need for more introduction. She shares pictures frequently to her Instagram feed, which has more than 133 million followers but rarely provides any text captions. @beyonce

1. Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez is the second one in the list of most followed on Instagram. Although many music influencers are using their popularity to feature their recent album or promoted products, many are also using social media to do well.
Selena Gomez is doing a lot of job with A21, an anti-human trafficking organization, and she is using her Instagram status to encourage that cause. She has major collab deals with brands like PUMA and COACH and regularly promotes her collaborated high-end fashion gear under branding COACH x Selena Gomez & PUMA x Selena Gomez. @selenagomez
submitted by Ainfluencer to u/Ainfluencer [link] [comments]

2020.10.04 15:45 LofTW Whatever

There's a message popping up after a few seconds asking for subscription to continue, so I copied and pasted the article here.
ESSAY Why Europe Wins Everyone writes off the European Union as dull and prone to fracture. But the last decade shows that Brussels is smarter than Beijing, London, Moscow, and Washington.
Several months ago, when COVID-19 struck Europe, headlines portrayed overflowing hospitals in Italy, policy mistakes in Britain and Sweden, mismanaged senior care in Belgium, and misbehaving youth in Spanish discos. Two months later—after European governments imposed lockdowns, mask-wearing, testing, and tracing—the incidence of new cases plummeted. By July, vacationing Europeans were strolling through Piazza Navona in Rome, attending the opera in Salzburg, and dining in Paris.
Americans are not welcome to cross the Atlantic, however, because the United States has failed to match Europe’s resilience. Instead, new cases trended upward through the summer, leaving the average American 10 times more likely to contract the coronavirus than the average European.
Europe’s success is not coincidental. Studies show that countries with higher income equality and sound expert-based government regulation—areas in which European countries excel—tend to combat disease better. They are also desirable paces to live and do business: In a global poll, European countries grabbed seven of the top 10 spots on Forbes’s 2019 list of the nations with the best reputation for social, economic, and political success, whereas the United States barely cracked the top 40.
The coronavirus pandemic is only one of many examples of a general tendency among journalists, analysts, diplomats, and politicians to underestimate Europe.
The coronavirus pandemic is only one of many examples of a general tendency among journalists, analysts, diplomats, and politicians to underestimate Europe. For a generation, observers have bet against Europe’s future, arguing that it lacks the high growth, centralized political institutions, domestic legitimacy, and hard military tools required to have an effective global presence. Many observers confidently predicted that the euro would collapse, enlargement from 15 to 28 members would fail, and voters would reject European ideals. Yet the pundits were proved wrong: None of this came to pass.
Nowhere is Europe’s ability to confound the skeptics clearer than in foreign policy. Over the past decade, Europeans have faced four epochal foreign-policy challenges involving the strongest great-power competitors and most powerful forces of globalization in today’s world. In 2014, Russia attacked Ukraine. In 2015, waves of migrants flooded across the Mediterranean, and the next year, amid rising populist Euroskepticism, the Brexit referendum threatened to dissolve the European Union. And since 2016, Donald Trump, first as a candidate and then as U.S. president, has challenged NATO and trans-Atlantic trade.
In each case, newspapers published lurid reportage and think tanks issued dire predictions of Europe’s imminent collapse while politicians in Washington, Beijing, and Moscow wrote Europe off as strategically irrelevant. But in each case Europeans quietly prevailed.
Europeans have succeeded by deploying nonmilitary capabilities that they wield more effectively than anyone else in the world today: foreign aid, trade and employment agreements, the imposition of regulatory standards, the cultivation of international law and organization, firm but quiet diplomacy, and the promotion of democracy. Europe’s distinctive pragmatic use of civilian power may be too dull, slow-moving, and technocratic to attract attention. Yet in the end, it gets the job done more cost-effectively than other means employed by rival great powers.
In 2014, Russia attacked Ukraine, annexed Crimea, and covertly supported separatism in two of its eastern provinces—a flagrant violation of international law that posed the most serious security challenge to Europe in a generation. Since Russia enjoys unquestioned local military superiority and accords Ukraine greater historical, cultural, economic, and strategic importance than any other country, traditional realists such as Henry Kissinger and John Mearsheimer counseled Europe to let Ukraine go. Moscow, they warned, would respond ruthlessly, leading inevitably to a Western defeat.
European leaders ignored the naysayers and, instead, led a Western effort to face Russia down in its own backyard. Just six years later, the result is as favorable as is realistically possible. Ukraine—minus the 7 percent of its territory occupied by Russia and its sympathizers—is now an independent country forging an ever closer relationship with the West. The war in its eastern provinces is winding down: After more than 9,000 deaths by the end of 2015, Ukrainian military and civilian fatalities have dropped to around 100 per year. While Russia seems determined to stay in Crimea, negotiations over the eastern provinces inch forward, achieving an effective cease-fire and prisoner exchange this year.
Meanwhile, Ukraine is enjoying robust economic growth. Its democracy continues to consolidate: The election of Volodymyr Zelensky in early 2019 placed the country’s presidency in the hands of politicians far less tainted by corruption, oligarchy, or Russian ties. In separate polling, nearly 80 percent of Ukrainians now have a favorable view of the EU, and almost two-thirds believe that further external cooperation should be directed at eventual membership.
While primary credit lies with Ukrainians themselves, who sustained high military casualties, their sacrifice would have been futile without massive Western backing. Europe alone possesses the nonmilitary instruments needed to prevail against Russian President Vladimir Putin.
For decades, EU officials had been quietly helping the Ukrainian government integrate with the West by adapting its market legislation to EU standards—a process meant to culminate in an association agreement with the EU in 2014. Fearing that such an agreement would tie Ukraine to the West in perpetuity, Putin pressed then-Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych to reject it. What no one could have foreseen was that, in response, pro-Western protesters would occupy Kyiv’s Independence Square for three months, many waving EU flags—ultimately triggering a revolution that ended only when Yanukovych fled to Russia and a pro-Western president took office.
If the soft power of European values helped spark the revolution in Ukraine, Europe’s coordinated economic, political, and legal aid sustained it.
If the soft power of European values helped spark the revolution, Europe’s coordinated economic, political, and legal aid sustained it. EU and member state aid has kept war-torn Ukraine solvent, providing about $20 billion since 2014, compared with less than $2 billion in economic aid from the United States. Europe supports about twice as much aid as the International Monetary Fund does as well. An estimated 4 million Ukrainians work abroad, most of them in Europe, remitting back nearly $16 billion annually—10 percent of the country’s GDP—whereas only a few thousand go to the United States. Under the EU association agreement, Ukraine has expanded trade with Europe, which now takes nearly $25 billion annually in Ukrainian exports, more than 20 times that which goes to the United States.
European governments have voted unanimously every six months to renew trade, investment, and travel sanctions on Russia despite Moscow’s punishing countersanctions. They do so despite the fact that while the United States, Canada, Japan, and Australia all imposed common sanctions (and faced countersanctions from Moscow), 90 percent of the costs fall on Europeans, who are the ones with a traditional trading relationship with Russia.
The EU’s European Neighborhood Policy provides an extensive integrated program of economic, political, and legal reform, aimed at aligning Ukraine over the long term with the West. The EU Commission wields competition law and infrastructure spending to limit the power of Gazprom, the Russian fossil fuel monopoly, and to ensure continued energy supplies to Ukraine. Working through the Normandy Format, French and German leaders have led the diplomatic effort to defuse the military conflict—initiating, according to one study, eight times more high-level diplomatic communication with Russia and Ukraine than their U.S. counterparts.
To be sure, the United States does provide most of Ukraine’s military aid, yet such assistance totals just a 10th of EU civilian aid discussed above—and the Ukrainian government is constrained to spend it on U.S.-produced conventional arms, training, and medical supplies largely available on the open market. The Trump administration’s much-heralded sale of lethal military equipment—Javelin anti-tank missiles—to Ukraine arrived only in 2018, long after Russian forces had pulled back, unlikely to return. And the United States has imposed the explicit condition that the missiles must be stored almost a thousand miles from the front and cannot be used in combat. In contrast to European aid, U.S. military assistance is more symbolic than real.
In 2015, just over 1 million irregular migrants arrived in Europe—an influx higher than in any period since the immediate aftermath of World War II. Many were Syrian refugees seeking asylum. Hundreds of millions of people across the globe desire to migrate, and European countries remain some of the most desired destinations, leading many to view such waves of mass migration as inevitable and irresistible. Conservative pundits proclaimed “the death of Europe.”
Yet Europe’s spectacularly swift and successful response demonstrates that mass migration can be controlled. Since 2015, the flow of irregular migrants has declined by 88 percent—from just over a million to about 123,000 in 2019—and has continued to trend downward this year. Since fewer people brave the journey, fewer die at sea: Last year’s total of 1,319 dead and missing is lower than any year on record—though, of course, this calculation ignores the fate of those stuck in transit camps.
Europe’s spectacularly swift and successful response to the migration crisis demonstrates that mass migration can be controlled.
European governments achieved this goal by adopting tough but effective policies. They constructed walls, fences, and high-tech sensing systems. They criminalized the transport of migrants, even on commercial ferries or aircraft. They removed EU policing and rescue boats from the seas. They cracked down on NGOs that assisted migrants (and, allegedly, helped coordinate their movements) by placing police on their vessels, impounding boats, and initiating prosecutions. When European navies spotted migrant vessels in international waters, they towed them back to an uncertain fate in Africa or Asia.
Europe struck deals with transit countries such as Turkey, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, and Egypt. All have agreed to police their shores, house millions of potential migrants, and work with the EU’s border control agency, Frontex. In exchange, they receive foreign aid, trade concessions, visa-free travel, and border control equipment. Further EU migration missions are now dotted through Chad, Mali, and the rest of Africa.
European idealists and migrant rights activists accuse European governments of hypocrisy: Are they not betraying the spirit of their ethical and international legal obligations to permit any refugee or migrant to seek international protection? Conditions in European detention areas are indeed often overcrowded and uncomfortable, as attested by the images that recently circulated from Greece’s burned-down Moria camp. Extra-European detention camps are especially troubling. This year, even before the pandemic, the United Nations suspended operations at its transit center in Tripoli, Libya, because it could not ensure safety. Ramona Lenz of Medico International—a public health NGO funded in part by the German government—has criticized European governments for enlisting neighboring states to serve as the “bouncers of Europe”—and then averting their gaze as those states abuse the human rights of migrants.
Yet European governments have remained unsentimentally resolute. Donald Tusk, then-president of the EU’s most important decision-making body, the European Council, declared when the policy was adopted: “We may not agree on everything, but we agree on the main goal, which is stemming illegal migration to Europe.”
European governments chose this strategy because they are pragmatic. Their citizens consider immigration the most important issue facing Europe, with majorities of up to 10 to 1 opposing more migrants, even before the 2015 wave. Migration threatens the stability of Europe’s moderate political systems: No government would last long today if it supported uncontrolled entry from culturally dissimilar regions. This would undermine other policies. In Britain, for example, citizens listed migration as one of the most important political issues facing the country in every year from 2001 to 2016, with a substantial majority of those polled wanting to reduce the number of migrants—a trend that eventually helped fuel the Brexit vote.
In the long term, European leaders view the reduction of uncontrolled migration, brutally if necessary, as the only way forward. Yet there is a silver lining. Doing so can create the political space to admit more migrants on selective economic and humanitarian grounds. Recent polls suggest that this may be correct: Public concern about migration is slowly declining.
Over the past two decades, extreme-right populist parties with anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant, anti-terrorist, and anti-Europe appeal have increased their vote shares across Europe. They now participate in government in six countries. In Britain, they spearheaded Brexit. And in the last two decades, scholars—and, it seems, journalists—have written more about extreme-right populist parties than all other European parties combined.
Leading foreign-policy pundits argue that homegrown extremism in Europe, the United States, and elsewhere—and not rising great-power challengers—now poses the greatest threat to the post-Cold War liberal international order. In Europe, many fear that extremist governments might win more EU exit referendums or join Trump and Putin in adopting protectionist and pro-Russia stances.
Yet this proved to be journalistic hype. Rather than panicking over populist threats, European leaders calmly drained their energy by dampening migration and terrorism and hanging tough in negotiations with Britain—to which they can now add the political benefit of managing the coronavirus pandemic well. Today, European unity—in any case, a practical necessity for small and highly interdependent states—is more popular than at any time in recent history.
In fact, populists were never as powerful as headlines made them seem. Consider the case of Marine Le Pen, who heads the French extreme-right National Rally party. When she ran for the French presidency in 2017, newspapers across the globe proclaimed, as one New York Times article put it, that “the next president of France will be Marine Le Pen” and speculated what her administration would do once in office. Yet her campaign was clearly hopeless from the start. All of her potential rivals, polls showed, could defeat her by comfortable double-digit margins, and Emmanuel Macron eventually did so by winning twice as many votes. Today, the National Rally holds just seven of 577 seats in the National Assembly.
Outside of Britain, extreme Euroskepticism enjoys scant support.
The impotence of the extreme-right in France is no exception. Outside of Britain, extreme Euroskepticism enjoys scant support. Of 27 EU members (plus Britain), 12 have no extreme-right or Euroskeptic party at all or none that scores above 10 percent in national elections. In 10 more countries, including France and Germany, other parties consistently exclude extremists from government coalitions. In three more—Latvia, Estonia, and Bulgaria—extremists participate only as minority coalition partners, which reduces their influence close to zero.
Only in Britain, Hungary, and Poland does an extreme-right or Euroskeptic party actually lead the government. Of course, their extremism poses threats to the quality of democracy and rule of law, as in the United States, but their effect on foreign policy is slight. Migration is the only EU issue on which policy has moved in a direction extremists favor—but this, as we have seen, is only because the position held by extremists happens to be that of large majorities of moderate voters in nearly every country. Otherwise, Poland and Hungary, both of which are among the biggest beneficiaries of EU policies and have exceptionally pro-EU populations, follow their neighbors on nearly every aspect of external policy, from sanctions on Russia to development aid to Africa—dissenting occasionally only on symbolic declarations. That leaves Brexit as the only major Euroskeptic achievement of a populist party in recent years.
Yet Brexit is, at best, an exception that proves the rule. That it happened at all reflects a perfect storm of astonishingly unlikely circumstances unrepeatable elsewhere. Britain is the only European country where Euroskepticism attracts more than a tiny fringe of the electorate. Even so, Brexit could happen only because a prime minister overruled his advisors to call an unnecessary referendum, which happened to fall at the only brief moment in the last five years when a majority of Britons opposed EU membership. Brexit was later ratified by an election in which a 44 percent vote share gave Boris Johnson a comfortable majority: Without Britain’s electoral institutions, the most biased in Europe, a pro-EU majority would have ruled instead.
Today, Brexit remains stalled. Britain is much smaller and dependent on Europe’s good will to gain access for nearly half of its exports, particularly of services like banking. This allows Europe to take a tough stance in negotiations over the terms of the U.K. withdrawal. British Brexiteers once hoped that Trump would bail them out with a quick trade agreement. Yet U.S.-U.K. negotiations have gone nowhere after the United States badgered the British about agricultural imports and aircraft subsidies. Trump embarrasses prime ministers on his visits, remains unpopular among the British public, and is struggling to be reelected. Britain is running out of options.
These realities, combined with the more general lack of support for their Euroskeptic views, have led populists elsewhere to moderate their ideas rather than follow London’s lead. Five years ago, 15 extreme-right parties, including Le Pen’s National Rally, advocated a Brexit-style withdrawal from the EU or the eurozone. Today none do. Even so, the most worrisome populist challenger in Europe, Matteo Salvini of the League party, is hemorrhaging popular support to the Brothers of Italy, a new and less Euroskeptic right-wing party. The wave of populist Euroskepticism seems to have crested.
Among Europe’s major geopolitical assets is its close partnership with the United States, which has formed the bedrock of Western defense and economic policies for 75 years. In 2016, as a presidential candidate, Trump called all this into question, declaring NATO “obsolete” and threatening to withdraw if Europeans failed to meet their informal pledge to spend 2 percent of their GDPs on defense—a threat he has repeated often since. He seems obsessed with Europe’s bilateral trade surplus with the United States—especially that of Germany.
Yet as president, Trump has been more bark than bite. European defense spending has risen only marginally, with just the United Kingdom and a half-dozen Eastern European countries likely to exceed 2 percent anytime soon. Nonetheless, within three months of entering office, the new president took credit for the problem being fixed and declared NATO “not obsolete.” Vice President Mike Pence, backed by cabinet officials, assured allies that Washington’s commitment remained “unwavering.” The most Trump has done was to approve plans in July to remove about 6,000 of more than 60,000 troops in Europe. But commentators agree that this bit of pre-election theatrics is unlikely to result in real policy change, which would take years to execute and cost billions of dollars and would be strategically insignificant even if it did.
Longer term, Europe need not worry that the United States will leave NATO. European countries remain America’s most trustworthy and capable allies. U.S. Defense Department planners, important domestic constituencies, and an overwhelming bipartisan majority in Congress favor both defending Europe and deterring Russia. Moreover, more than half of U.S. forces stationed in NATO countries are not there to defend Europe from Russia but to provide indispensable logistical support for the projection of U.S. power in the Mediterranean, Middle East, Africa, and Eurasia. They man Air Force bases, transport hubs, headquarters, and hospitals in Germany, as well as the U.S. Navy’s 6th Fleet, based in Naples, Italy. U.S. Africa Command, for example, is headquartered in the German city of Stuttgart because the United States was unable to find an African country to host it. Without NATO, every delivery of troops or materiel, evacuation of a wounded soldier, naval mission in the Mediterranean, rapid reaction action, multinational training exercise, heavy bombing mission, or trip to headquarters would require an extra 6,000-mile trip to or from the United States.
Trump also took aim at European economic interests, grabbing headlines by repeatedly threatening to impose tariffs on EU exports. Pundits worried that trans-Atlantic disruption might upend the global trading system. Yet the administration has provoked only two small squabbles: In 2018, Trump imposed tariffs on European steel and aluminum, and last year he blocked a bundle of goods in response to European subsidies to Airbus. Neither was new. All but one U.S. administration since that of Richard Nixon has placed special tariffs on steel—a large unionized industry concentrated in U.S. swing states. And the World Trade Organization fully authorized the compensatory tariffs on Airbus products in October 2019 as part of a settlement of a 15-year dispute.
When Trump imposed tariffs, Europe swiftly retaliated with sanctions carefully targeted at voters in U.S. swing states.
Yet these two sets of tariffs targeted just $7.5 billion in European exports each—minuscule compared with the $300 billion in Chinese products hit by Trump tariffs. As a result—until the COVID-19 crisis—trans-Atlantic exports and affiliate sales continued to increased more than 20 percent after 2016, whereas U.S. trade with China declined significantly.
No trans-Atlantic trade war erupted because Trump did not dare provoke it. The backlash would be fierce since U.S. and European firms are far more heavily cross-invested than firms in any other part of the world: 61 percent of total U.S. foreign direct investment (FDI) is in Europe, and 68 percent of FDI coming into the United States comes from Europe, so U.S. corporate interests are inseparably linked to Europe. Even when EU and U.S. economic interests diverge, Trump must tread even more carefully than with China because the world’s largest trading bloc with a population of almost 500 million is a powerful adversary. Trade authority is centralized in Brussels. When Trump imposed tariffs, Europe swiftly retaliated with sanctions carefully targeted at voters in U.S. swing states.
The EU plays offense as well. Quietly taking advantage of Trump’s diffidence toward globalization, Europe concluded ambitious trade agreements with Japan, Mexico, and Canada, with Australia, Brazil, and other countries to follow. Exploiting the threat of exclusion from the lucrative European market, the EU has become the world’s de facto regulatory authority—something the Columbia Law professor Anu Bradford calls the “Brussels effect.” Farmers in Nebraska, for instance, grow pesticide-free products so that they meet EU standards. Europe recently imposed tough privacy standards on U.S. tech giants and is considering new digital taxes. The Trump administration objected, but Europe did not back down. Instead, it helped convince California to adopt similar regulations, which went into effect in January.
Journalists, pundits, and politicians overlook Europe’s record of success because it is, in a word, dull. Europe’s quiet and patient style of foreign policy lacks the flash and charisma of old-fashioned crisis diplomacy conducted in the shadow of coercive force. Unlike Trump’s America, Europe does not grab headlines by precipitously launching trade wars—or real ones. Unlike Putin’s Russia, it does not subvert elections and pollute the internet. Unlike Xi Jinping’s China, it does not incarcerate ethnic minorities or provoke military clashes along its borders. Old-school geopoliticians are baffled (and often bored) by decisions taken by Brussels-based institutions where it is difficult to tell who is in charge—or even, as Kissinger once quipped, whom to call.
Europe’s pragmatism also often frustrates idealists. European leaders, knowing that they cannot solve all the world’s problems, pick their battles carefully. They eschew precipitous actions and hopeless causes that in retrospect so often seem ill-judged, such as toppling Saddam Hussein or ejecting Russia from Crimea. Instead, they slowly advance, often for decades, workable solutions to problems such as European enlargement, Iranian nuclear weapons, or climate change, punctuated by setbacks. In a case like Belarus today, it is perhaps overambitious to ask whether Europeans can topple the current authoritarian government tomorrow—but it seems reasonable to ask whether they can create incentives for its peaceful and positive evolution over the next decades. And what they do serves Europe’s interests.
Boring though this incremental and technocratic policymaking may be, it works. This has been shown not just by the examples above but in Europe’s recent decisions to provide 750 billion euros ($826 billion) in added financial firepower to stabilize the euro; to craft a system to screen Chinese investment in Europe; to switch to European-built 5G mobile networks; to promote peace and development in the Western Balkans; and now, without fear of a British veto, to coordinate tax policies.
In the wake of COVID-19, many in the United States have asked themselves whether democratic countries can sustain farsighted, data-driven, expert-based policies. Would-be Trumps and Putins question whether such policies are even desirable, preferring to appeal to national greatness. The answer is in Europe: In the 21st century, such policies are not only sustainable but successful. Europe is the future. This story appears in the Fall 2020 print issue.
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2020.09.30 11:23 toncontact99 What is a privacy-friendly alternative to /r/privacy since Reddit is a surveillance capitalist company?

Shall we have conversation we have here on Mastodon under #rprivacy?

Why is Reddit a surveillance capitalist?

See the first main sections of their privacy policy is "what we collect (and how it used and shared [with third party]"

Reddit Privacy Policy
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This page is the updated Privacy Policy; for the version effective until October 15, 2020, click here.
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What We Collect (and How it is Used and Shared) Information You Provide to Us We collect information you provide to us directly when you use the Services. This includes: Account information If you create a Reddit account, we may require you to provide a username and password. Your username is public, and it doesn’t have to be related to your real name. You may also provide other account information, like an email address, bio, or profile picture. We also store your user account preferences and settings. Content you submit We collect the content you submit to the Services. This includes your posts and comments including saved drafts, videos you broadcast via RPAN, your messages with other users (e.g., private messages, chats, and modmail), and your reports and other communications with moderators and with us. Your content may include text, links, images, gifs, and videos. Actions you take We collect information about the actions you take when using the Services. This includes your interactions with content, like voting, saving, hiding, and reporting. It also includes your interactions with other users, such as following, friending, and blocking. We collect your interactions with communities, like your subscriptions or moderator status. Transactional information If you purchase products or services from us (e.g., Reddit Premium or Reddit Coins), we will collect certain information from you, including your name, address, email address, and information about the product or service you are purchasing. Reddit uses industry-standard payment processor services (for example, Stripe) to handle payment information. Other information You may choose to provide other information directly to us. For example, we may collect information when you fill out a form, participate in Reddit-sponsored activities or promotions, apply for a job, request customer support, or otherwise communicate with us.
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Your Reddit account has a profile page that is public. Your profile contains information about your activities on the Services, such as your username, prior posts and comments, karma, awards received, trophies, moderator status, Reddit Premium status, and how long you have been a member of the Services. You can also choose for your profile to include the content you upvote and downvote.
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How We Protect Your Information
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As required by applicable law, we collect and process information about individuals in the EEA only where we have a legal basis for doing so. Our legal bases depend on the Services you use and how you use them. We process your information on the following legal bases:
Additional Information for California Users
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In the last 12 months, we collected the following categories of personal information from California residents, depending on the Services used:
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If you are a California resident, you have additional rights under the CCPA, including the right to request access to or deletion of your personal information, and information about our data practices, as well as the right not to be discriminated against for exercising your privacy rights. These rights can be exercised as described in the Data Subject and Consumer Information Requests section above.
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2020.09.27 19:38 Prttythngsmoodswings Warning you now: lots of nonsense but i write long letters and send fun stuff

Californian with plenty of stickers, postcards, and photos to send out! Hoping to make a friend
A write long letters about nothing. I like to send photos of my dog or from my photo shoots. I’ll tell you about my favorite songs and movies. Or I’ll go to Hollywood and get you some post cards and stickers.
I’m a dreamer. Traveler. Weirdo.
Bananas in Pajamas vs the Paranoid Android
I’m Fox. From SoCal.
The following will make less sense the further you read but enjoy:
tell me about a dream you had that you wish you could live in forever.
I recently started Brooklyn nine nine and it’s getting me through a bad depression. I’m really enjoying it.
My favorite film is either City Lights or The Skin I Live In. One is a love story about a blind flower girl and a tramp. The other is about being trapped in your own body. I won’t give any spoilers but you should watch them both.
I listen to sad music. Max Richter slays me, especially right now.
I want to believe in ghosts so badly but I can’t.
My anxiety has me bouncing and curling into a ball at the same time. Would love new friends to pass the time with.
“I wanna be the surgeon that cuts you open and fixes all of life’s mistakes.”
Acid rain gum drops and a candy moon on the horizon.
I don’t want to die until I’ve made something beautiful that lasts forever. Is that selfish?
I wanna be the house that you were raised in, the only place that you feel safe.
Looking for other creepers that can’t sleep or won’t sleep or don’t want to sleep.
Tell me your favorite album and one song from it that stands out to you.
I recently bought Prince “sign o the times” at a record store and I’ve been listening to it on repeat. Starfish and Coffee is my anthem right now. I have no idea what it means but I’ll keep listening until my ears bleed if I can.
I like sad pretty movies where things end up worse than how they started.
I have a hard time making friends because I’m never around but internet friends are easy because you don’t have to hang out!
If I could live anywhere it would be a cottage by a beach where it rains all the time, and I’d sit outside in an old wrecked boat and have my coffee while my dog scares the seagulls away. West coast preferably.
I’m gonna post some of my old penpal posts under this one as some giant penpals history so you can see me at different times.
Here you go
I want to be haunted
I want to be lost Just because life seems less lonely with a ghost friend. And also that covers the whole “what happens when we die?” thing.
I wanna haunt the house the you grew up in, I want to be the whistle in the draft through the halls.
It’s hard making friends. And summer is here, so it’s hot too. I got a new Polaroid, would love to find a friend to exchange cool photos with through the mail. Maybe I’ll send you flowers or ghosts or birds who knows.
The first time I remember crying during a movie was the ending of Edward Scissorhands. I was so sad that he had to live in that castle alone and he made it snow for everyone.
I think the scariest movie I’ve ever seen is ruby sparks. Fight me.
Seeking a sidekick to fight crime.
What’s your favorite scary movie?
Let’s trade fears. Mine are spiders and heights and my car breaking down in the middle of nowhere.
I’ve written some other posts here before so I’m just gonna copy and paste them below and make this into a super huge compilation of moods so here it goes: Hi I’m Fox and if you found this
PART ONE: Tile My dog kept slipping on the tile so I bought him some socks.
PART TWO: Randy’s Brother’s Sister Jane
So I’m a professional photographer and I travel for a living so it’s kinda hard to make friends so I figured I’d try something new.
I just got this weed vape and it was like $60 so let’s see how this goes...
I feel good. Hi! I wanna slide around in my socks and listen to sublime and eat carrots wooot
Plantains honey Flesh roasted sweet and black I love my fingers, I love the way you curl up cold Bunny’s got a delivery Left money in the fridge for pizza
“I’m hoping the weirdos come out.”
Jane: I passed out in her mother’s begonias and I promised I’d make it up to her but I didn’t.
I saw a baby seal the other day and some woman accused me of trying to touch it but I wasn’t anywhere near it. The seal was smoking reefer and kept offering it to me but you know with covid the buzz just wasn’t worth the risk.
It’s hot and I’m listening to bright eyes and playing Overwatch in quarantine.
You: You wanna fight about waffles being better than pancakes but deep down you’re exhausted. You’re probably not a Gemini. You don’t drive a Jeep, and your dogs name is Tangerella Bacon.
I’m hoping the weirdos
It’s too bad the patio lights come on so late. I think the birds would enjoy them. But it’s hot and weather isn’t changing and the fact that my knees are scabbed isn’t changing and the sunburn on my neck from this morning out isn’t changing but I’ve got 6 shots left in my Polaroid and I think tomorrow I’ll hit the ocean.
The ocean filled with submarines, seahorses and salt. there’s a nice shack in Ventura where you can get a fried banana even when it’s raining and a beer if that’s your thing but I try my best not to drink. But a fried banana and a beer is a treat you should try at least once.
Come out. And drift a little Coast On the coast
Pen pal
I’ll never get to sleep tonight so I figured I’d give this a shot.
I’m writing this all out of order so forgive me if doesn’t make sense.
I’m never home and it gets lonely as heck so I’m trying something new! It’s time for a change. Time to open myself up to making new friends.
I’m a photographer, professionally. I travel for work. Constantly in different city(not usually exciting places. Mostly end up in middle of nowhere USA.)
I call southern California home. Love it. Wouldn’t trade it for the world.
Bright Eyes, Morrissey, and Sublime keep me company on the road. And podcasts! Fun ones. Scary ones. You name it.
I’m a proud dog father. His name is Boogey and he was born in my kitchen.
Insomniac dork, competitive, looking for activity partners or just someone to talk to. I’m a good listener who will also kick you in the pants and try to motivate you if you let me.
Never broken a bone, hate chicken pot pie(gross).
Three questions for you: What’s your least favorite food? What’s your favorite film? What’s a song that always makes you smile?
I was once bitten by a rabbit. I cried. I was like 7. It still haunts me.
Weirdo with too much energy and not enough time. Would love to make some new friends. Artistic folks to the front of the line. Weirdos too. The weirder the better. Let’s be buds.
I like to photograph moody pretty things. My favorite fruit is tomato and my favorite vegetable is cauliflower. I own four guitars and can hardly play any of them.
Let’s be weird together or shoot the shit. Hope to hear from you!
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2020.09.25 23:40 pvoberstein Masterpost of hidden Khan Academy "Partner content" resources

Since Khan Academy has buried the links to these sections, I've gone ahead and created a new directory, based on an archived version of the Partner content tab. If it looks like I overlooked anything, or made any errors, please let me know so that I can revise.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
82nd & Fifth: The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Extravagant Inventions: The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Making, finding, and conserving: The Metropolitan Museum of Art
#MetKids: Made for, with, and by kids: The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Get started and The Big Question: Tate
Conflict and Contradiction in Art: Tate
Women in Art and Art History: Tate
Global Modernisms: Tate
Meet 500 years of British art: Tate
Meet the artist: JMW Turner: Tate
Archives, Memory, and Conservation: Tate
Performance and Participation: Tate
The Art of Inspiration: Tate
The Museum of Modern Art
Printmaking: The Museum of Modern Art
1913 Centennial Celebration: The Museum of Modern Art
Behind the scenes at MoMA: The Museum of Modern Art
Abstract Expressionism: The Museum of Modern Art
Art terms in action: The Museum of Modern Art
Artist interviews: The Museum of Modern Art
Performance Art: The Museum of Modern Art
MoMA Learning: The Museum of Modern Art
Modern Art & Ideas: The Museum of Modern Art
Seeing Through Photographs: The Museum of Modern Art
The J. Paul Getty Museum
Antiquities: The J. Paul Getty Museum
Manuscripts: The J. Paul Getty Museum
Art conservation: The J. Paul Getty Museum
Paintings: The J. Paul Getty Museum
Decorative arts: The J. Paul Getty Museum
Sculpture: The J. Paul Getty Museum
Photographs: The J. Paul Getty Museum
Drawings: The J. Paul Getty Museum
For kids: The J. Paul Getty Museum
California Academy of Sciences
Welcome to the world of biodiversity!: California Academy of Sciences
Why is biodiversity important?: California Academy of Sciences
Where is biodiversity found?: California Academy of Sciences
How is biodiversity studied?: California Academy of Sciences
Why is biodiversity threatened?: California Academy of Sciences
How can biodiversity be protected?: California Academy of Sciences
Where does biodiversity come from?: California Academy of Sciences
What are the different levels of biodiversity?: California Academy of Sciences
Exploring ecosystems: California Academy of Sciences
Sound: Exploratorium
Light and color: Exploratorium
Chemistry: Exploratorium
Electromagnetism: Exploratorium
American Museum of Natural History
Dinosaurs: American Museum of Natural History
The Universe: American Museum of Natural History
Human Evolution: American Museum of Natural History
Earthquakes and Volcanoes: American Museum of Natural History
Asian Art Museum
Overview: Asian Art Museum
South Asia: Asian Art Museum
Southeast Asia: Asian Art Museum
The Himalayas and the Tibetan Buddhist World: Asian Art Museum
China: Asian Art Museum
Korea: Asian Art Museum
Japan: Asian Art Museum
Hinduism: Asian Art Museum
Buddhism: Asian Art Museum
Art conservation: Asian Art Museum
The British Museum
Africa: The British Museum
The Americas: The British Museum
Asia: The British Museum
Europe: The British Museum
The Middle East: The British Museum
Oceania: The British Museum
Contemporary Sculptors at the British Museum: The British Museum
All-Star Orchestra
Music basics: All-Star Orchestra
Band instrument lessons: All-Star Orchestra
Masterpieces old and new: All-Star Orchestra
Instruments of the orchestra: All-Star Orchestra
Stanford School of Medicine
Tuberculosis: Stanford School of Medicine
Influenza: Stanford School of Medicine
Growth and Metabolism: Stanford School of Medicine
Asthma: Stanford School of Medicine
Breastfeeding: Stanford School of Medicine
Wireless Philosophy
Critical thinking: Wireless Philosophy
Metaphysics and epistemology: Wireless Philosophy
Value theory: Wireless Philosophy
History of philosophy: Wireless Philosophy
Chemistry and biology: MIT+K12
Engineering and electronics: MIT+K12
Physics: MIT+K12
Earth and space: MIT+K12
Math: MIT+K12
Materials: MIT+K12
Measurement: MIT+K12
LeBron asks
LeBron asks: LeBron asks
The Brookings Institution
Introduction to health care in the U.S.: The Brookings Institution
Pixar in a Box
Orientation: Pixar in a Box
The art of storytelling: Pixar in a Box
The art of lighting: Pixar in a Box
Simulation: Pixar in a Box
Color science: Pixar in a Box
Virtual cameras: Pixar in a Box
Effects: Pixar in a Box
Patterns: Pixar in a Box
Rigging: Pixar in a Box
Animation: Pixar in a Box
Environment modeling: Pixar in a Box
Character modeling: Pixar in a Box
Crowds: Pixar in a Box
Sets & staging: Pixar in a Box
Rendering: Pixar in a Box
The Aspen Institute
The founding documents of the United States of America: The Aspen Institute
The founding fathers of the United States of America: The Aspen Institute
The founding mothers of the United States of America: The Aspen Institute
Civil liberties, privacy, and the Constitution: The Aspen Institute
The American Diplomatic Toolbox: The Aspen Institute
Welcome to NASA Mission Control: NASA
Measuring the Universe: NASA
Exploring the Universe: NASA
Evolution: NOVA Labs
Cybersecurity: NOVA Labs
RNA: the wonder molecule: NOVA Labs
The Sun and solar storms: NOVA Labs
Energy: NOVA Labs
Clouds: NOVA Labs
Big History Project
1. What Is Big History?: Big History Project
2. The Big Bang: Big History Project
3. Stars & Elements: Big History Project
4. Our Solar System & Earth: Big History Project
5. Life: Big History Project
6. Early Humans: Big History Project
7. Agriculture & Civilization: Big History Project
8. Expansion & Interconnection: Big History Project
9. Acceleration: Big History Project
10. The Future: Big History Project
Silicon Schools Fund and Clayton Christensen Institute
Introduction to blended learning: Silicon Schools Fund and Clayton Christensen Institute
Teaching in a blended learning environment -- rethinking the role of the teacher: Silicon Schools Fund and Clayton Christensen Institute
Redesigning a school toward blended learning: Silicon Schools Fund and Clayton Christensen Institute
Making aligned hardware, software, and space decisions in a blended learning environment: Silicon Schools Fund and Clayton Christensen Institute
Dartmouth College
Learn Algorithms with Dartmouth College: Dartmouth College
How Computers Work:
How the Internet Works:
Breakthrough Junior Challenge
2015 Challenge: Breakthrough Junior Challenge
2018 Challenge: Breakthrough Junior Challenge
49ers STEAM education
49ers ask: 49ers STEAM education
Science behind the game: 49ers STEAM education
Technological advancements: 49ers STEAM education
Gridiron engineering: 49ers STEAM education
Art in football: 49ers STEAM education
Geometry & statistics in football: 49ers STEAM education
Related Khan Academy videos: 49ers STEAM education
Human prehistory: 23andMe
The National Constitution Center
The US Constitution: The National Constitution Center
Growth mindset
Growth mindset content overview: Growth mindset
Elementary and middle school activities: Growth mindset
High school activities: Growth mindset
Finish Strong Challenge (Spring '19)
Limited time in-school programs: Finish Strong Challenge (Spring '19)
Finish Strong Challenge: Get started tutorials: Finish Strong Challenge (Spring '19)
Mini Challenge!: Finish Strong Challenge (Spring '19)
Camp Khan [May - August 2019]
Limited summer student programs
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2020.09.24 04:08 greycar99 I am getting top surgery in a month-ish and I found out yesterday!!!

I just really want a place to write everything out because I know I liked reading these when I was searching for answers. So I have been out for 6 years, on T for 3 years, name changed for almost 2 years, and getting top surgery at the end of October. I have known I have wanted surgery for as long as I have realized I am trans. (oh I am 20 almost 21 btw) I got on T a few months before I turned 18 but I have always tried to figure out how to get surgery but money has always been an issue. I have been saving for it seems like ever and so in May I decided to find a therapist who could write my letter.
I found a lady I really like and I am still seeing her. It's all online and she's super nice and supportive. I started seeing her on 5/15/2020 and on 6/12/2020 she wrote my letter. Out of looking at what feels like every surgery result on the internet, I decided to go with Dr. Mosser in California. From YT videos he seemed to have the best bedside manner (which is really important to me because I want to feel comfortable ya know?) and I loved his results. His website too Literally, everything you could possibly need is on there and I like that you do not have to go searching for answers. So I emailed them my letter, my insurance card (bc I wanted to see if insurance would cover it), and a picture of my ID on 6/16/2020 and then called them on 6/17/2020. When I called the lady that schedules stuff was busy but they called back within the hour and the next consult date was AUGUST FREAKING 26TH. I was sort of heart broken but he's becoming a more popular surgeon and if I had waited this long I can wait 70 more days.
I had to submit pictures of my chest as well. I was really nervous about this and the only person I felt comfortable asking was my mom and she's my biggest cheerleader but I know surgery talk makes her kind of uncomfortable. I asked her and she was fine with it and it really wasn't as awkward as I thought it would be. I submitted those pictures to the website thingy and waited.
A week before my consult, I had moved in at college and it was before classes had started so I was wandering around campus, and my phone rings. And it said "Dr. Mosser's Office" I swear I almost pooped my pants. I thought I had messed up the date and I wasn't close to my dorm, I didn't want random people on campus to hear me! Turns out I got an email from a lady from his office saying she was going to call and confirm my information but it got sent to my spam and I didn't see it until after. She basically just asked what meds I was on, if any, weight, just confirming stuff lol. It didn't take long but it sure scared the crap out of me.
August 26th came and I was so freaking nervous. I was at my grandparent's house pacing waiting because they said he would start calling patients at 9:45 PST but I live on the east coast so it was 12:45 my time and I was so IMPATIENT!!! When my phone finally rang, I literally just stared at it for a minute. I didn't know what happened but it honestly was like 10 seconds but it felt like 8 years and running down the hallway at my grandparents to close myself in the computer room so they wouldn't hear.
It literally was a 5-minute phone call but this man was so nice. He asked what did I expect from the surgery and what I wanted my chest to look like and it was just really nice. Later that day I received an email from his office saying they had submitted all of my notes from the consult with the other stuff I had provided to my insurance and it could take up to 4-6 weeks to hear anything and if they denied we could appeal and after the 2nd appeal insurances normally said yes. That scared the crap out of me. I know my insurance covers surgery and he's partnered with BlueCross Blue Shield so I knew they would approve it but the question was in-network or what level of out of network.
I have been just waiting since then. It sucks. At least when you have a date, you have something to look forward to but just aimlessly waiting SUCKS. On Tuesday's, I don't have a lot going on. So I woke up yesterday 9/22/2020 around 10 am and went to the bathroom because I was about to pee my pants and had all plans to go back to sleep because I was tired. I got up and sat at my desk to check my email because I was waiting on one from my professor. My phone rings and it's from an out of state number but not California and I normally wouldn't answer but I felt inclined to. It's this lady "I am from *my insurance* and I am calling you today to talk about your benefits" I almost interrupted her to be like "ma'am my mom holds the policy not me" but then she says "I am here to discuss your recent claim for benefits" and then it clicked. Holy crap this was about surgery and it hadn't even been 4 weeks. She finally said "oh you've been approved for surgery" and I DIDN'T KNOW!! and she was like "well congratulations, they have tentative dates in here from October 29th to January 29th, 2021." excuse me WHAT?! She gave me my case number for approval and her phone number if I had any more questions and I was in shock. This random fricking Tuesday, I just wanted to go back to sleep but I was too amped up to even think about sleep!!!
It was like 10:30 at this point and Dr. Mosser's office doesn't even open until noon my time and I had class at 1:15. I didn't think it would take longer on the phone but I didn't want to call them immediately when they opened so I waited until after class at 2:30. I got back to my room and I called. They comfirmed I had been approved and then transferred me to the scheduling lady. When I had my consult, Dr. Mosser told me they were hiring another surgeon soon and that would cut down on the wait time. The lady was telling me dates for Dr. Mosser and the earliest he had was in June of 2021. Then she said the other doctor, Dr. Facque (fake-way) had avaliablity at the end of October and through October, Dr. Mosser would be in the operating room as well. I was in shock again and asked if I could call back to schedule and she was like "of course." so I called my mom (she is the one going with me to California) and did some googling and called back. I picked the end of October date and then we set up my other appointments: a virtual pre-op in early Oct which is also the payment deadline, my in person pre op 2 days before surgery, my surgery date, and my post op to get drains out date and time. Since Dr. Facque is still new to the practice, he did not have a schedule yet of when he would be in the office so she said she would call me back in 2 hours after talking with him to make sure the appointment times for pre-op would be okay. In that time, I found an Airbnb VERY close to their office and booked my plane tickets. Literally not what I expected on that morning when I woke up about to pee myself but I am not complaining. Holy crap life doesn't feel real.
I swear I am having a good year only because I watched Phineas and Ferb as a new years' resolution.
She called back as she said and we confirmed the times and said Dr. Facque would call me tomorrow to have a mini-consult with him and he did call and he's super nice as well. I go by my middle name (it's a family thing) and almost at the end he goes, "wait, I might need to apologize, do you go by *first name* or *middle name*?" because he was calling me my middle name the whole time which is correct. And I tell him yeah I go by my middle name but that made me smile and I know I am making the right choice. The nice scheduling lady said she is going to call tomorrow to make sure I want to go forward with Dr. Facque after the call tonight and I definitely do.
Holy crap, this is literally happening so fast. I have never had surgery, never been on a plane, never spent this much money, or even planned my own trip before and I am about to have major surgery and go on 4 planes within two weeks of each other. I also contacted Disability Services at my school and they just need a letter from my surgeon with the date and recovery plan for them to send an email to my professors. Most of my stuff is online and I am ahead in 2 of my 5 classes. I am more concerned about deadlines and stuff because I know I will not want to do anything that week I am in California nor do I want to push myself too hard. My 8:30 am class will temporarily become my 5:30 am class so ... yeah. At least they are already recorded because of the pandemic lol. I am so excited and so ready for this. I will feel better when everything falls into place with school and work. Oh, I do not even want to think about work right now. I work retail and just transferred locations because I just started college and so I do not even know these people, I am stealth, and I have to request a large amount of time off when I already only work weekends...I am not an asshole but I sure feel like one. Literally less than 40 days now...what the heck is life? Please comment any question and I will be willing to help if I can. I know I liked reading these things to know what to expect but could never find many so I hope I am helping some kid out there. Hi, things do get better, sometimes you just gotta kick @$$ to get there :D
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2020.09.24 03:26 jmartinloberiza Jobs!

I am currently looking for a new job! I was wondering if anyone was hiring in the downtown Dallas area in any of these specific fields:
Looking for jobs in the 50k+ range.
I can send an email with resume immediately but here’s a snapshot/copy and paste:
Profile I am an analytical/results driven individual with wide-ranging experience in planning and leading operations involving small to medium sized businesses. I excel in meeting and in many cases over exceeding expectations/KPIs/targets/goals. I am adaptable and excellent at multitasking due to my ability to keep my work flow extremely organized and efficient. I am also a solid and creative communicator which allows me to train, teach and replicate high level results. I’ve also been selected and have undergone regimented business management and marketing training from a fortune top 10 company. I am always eager to advance my knowledge and am now undergoing education to understanding cloud architecture and security. I am proficient in the digital arts and have experience in production on the apparel, film and arts level. I am a team player and a dedicated asset that will do what it takes to go above and beyond to realize the success of the whole.
Core Qualifications - Extensive experience preparing and executing business strategies and produce desired results - Strong ability to identify and foresee potential in talent, and needs of the business - Experienced in capturing, converting and handling large accounts and a knowledgeable understanding of finance - Deep knowledge of production software, CRM/ERP systems and related applications, as well as word processing and digital design/editing, Salesforce, DocuSign - Remarkable ability to work effectively in team settings or on an individual basis, Extensive B2B experience Experience
SOLAR ENERGY CONSULTANT, SOLAR ENERGY PARTNERS/ILLUM SOLAR, LOS ANGELES — APR 2020 - PRESENT - Work with multiple vendors to source, design and deliver a complete package for clients - Organize multiple moving parts such as dealing with HOA, city permitting/planning, designing systems to go above and beyond client expectations, and working with install partners to complete projects - Use of CRM/ERP type software to manage all processes and - B2B Sales - Generation of new clients and business partnerships to create new opportunities to create sales
BRAND AMBASSADOINTERIM MEN’S FLOOR MANAGER, COS, BEVERLY HILLS — APR 2019 - MAR 2020 - Learned retail side of business, business operations and managing product ordering and inventory
SALES > STORE LEAD > CORP. MARKETING > ASST. SALES MANAGER, VERIZON TELECOMMUNICATIONS, LOS ANGELES — DEC 2014 - MAR 2018 - Learned how to convert, manage, grow large corporate accounts (MGM, Disney, Sony, Activision, Starwood Capital) - Learned Inventory management with value of 1M, organization and ordering/purchasing through ERP Oracle Systems - Trained and developed teams to hit target KPIs on a weekly, monthly, quarterly basis - Regularly performed analytical evaluations of performance on store/district level against MOM/YOY numbers - Have had extensive Leadership Summits and Marketing Training on corporate levels - Became store B2B/SMB (Small to Mid Sized Business) Manager
CREATIVE DIRECTOR, JEPBYJEP STUDIOS, LOS ANGELES — NOV 2015 - PRESENT - Consulting on films from sourcing talent, equipment and locations, to writing, directing and producing services - In-house consultation/execution on apparel design, development, sourcing and production start to finish - A hunter in search for clients/B2B Services
SALES > INTERNET MANAGER > INTERNET DIRECTOR, PERFORMANCE NISSAN, LOS ANGELES — MAY 2011 - SEPT. 2014 - Performed dealer trades, typing (desking) deals, and financing - Trained and managed a team of 5 internet managers - Knowledge of Reynolds and ADP (CDK) - Ranked top 5% in the district/top 5% in the region, top 8% in the nation while maintaining 96.5% Customer Satisfaction rating
Education California State University, Northridge - Business Management & Cinema and Television Production Arts 2010 Fashion Institute of Technology, New York - Menswear Design, Marketing and Merchandising, Production 2013
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2020.09.23 15:43 Darkchurchhill I am 24 years old make $90,000, live in Boston, Massachusetts and work as a full stacks developer

*mental health, drugs, body image and food discussed\*
Background: Hi, I am 24 years old and make $90,000, live in the Boston area (Cambridge/Somerville). I work as a full stacks developer and have a BS in computer science. Currently, I live with two housemates in a cute townhome apartment in a nice walkable neighborhood with lots of parks, restaurants, and amenities. I originally moved here from LA on a whim late last September despite not knowing anyone or having a place to call home. I was living with my parents after university and working in a job environment I hated. I was really depressed and overspent on clothes, beauty products, and going out like crazy to cope. Moving to Boston allowed me to feel in control of my life, and as of today, it’s been officially a year, which is crazy. I decided to put one up today to celebrate. I’ve always wanted to do a money diary, but was ashamed to do so when I felt like a mess.
Section One: Assets and Debt
Section Two: Income
Section Three: Expenses
Wednesday 16th
7:00am: The sun wakes me. I was hoping to sleep in more since I redownloaded tinder last night and stayed up till like 3am swiping and contemplating if this was the wrong decision for my mental and physical health. One of my matches messaged me to come over. I haven’t gotten laid since before the pandemic lockdown started. The sexual frustration has been real. I entertain the thought, but don’t reply back.
11:30am: On a zoom meeting with my boss, she asks us if we would like to start coming back twice a week to meet in person in October. I feel unsure about this, as I am still sketched out by public transit, but everything is still up in the air.
12:30pm: I eat leftover fried rice for lunch I made. I say fried rice but it mostly consists of vegetables. I still feel hungry afterwards, but I guess if I was going to be dating again I should lose some more weight so I can feel hot on my virtual zoom calls or wherever people do nowadays.
4:00pm: The work day is over early today. I hit up the guy on tinder who wanted to hook up. We make arrangements for him to slide through later this evening. He offers to come over to my place instead because he had something to do in Cambridge first anyways, and offers to bring drinks. We exchanged instagrams. I’m a little sussed out because he looks like the type who is really into themselves (like really into archival fashion RickOwens/Celine/YSL and has tons of edgy selfies). Whatever it’s just sex. I tell him it’s fine and that I have both wine and weed, and he sends me a little devil emoji.
5:00pm: I take the time to clean my room and make myself look presentable before planting myself onto the couch. I actually have no idea when he’s going to come, but I don’t want to message him again because if he doesn’t come through I want the satisfaction of him thinking I couldn’t care less. It’s toxic, I know, but in my lifetime I’ve been treated so badly by people I’ve given my heart to that sometimes I feel like my pride is the only thing I have left. Anyways, I wait by listening to female dating empowerment podcasts, hoping that some of the hosts’ confidence would rub off onto me.
7:00pm: I open a bottle of wine in anticipation and pour myself a glass.
10:00pm: No word from him, I guess I got stood up. Wow, only one day in and I’m already getting the full tinder experience. No surprises here though. I'm an adult. I can handle disappointment. I’m just really drunk now and alone.
11:00pm: Moody vinyls are now being played. I’m on the phone with friends, and three-fourths of my bottle of wine is gone. I check instagram only to see that the little weasel has unfollowed me so naturally I unfollowed him. I open tinder to unmatch him, but as I am doing so, his profile disappears. The prick beat me to it, and the petty side of me is annoyed. I think I’m just going to pass out. Honestly, I don’t hate this. The side of me who hates courting people has now overtaken my sex drive (the way it should be), and all forces are back to equilibrium. I’m only upset at how good of a job I did making myself look hot when there is no one here to appreciate it. The wine puts a spell on me, and I fall asleep to the muffled voice of my housemate calling his long distance girlfriend from the floor above me.
Total spent-$0
Thursday 17th
5:00am: I wake up and feel lots of shame. I swipe a bit, but there is no one I’m attracted to. It shouldn’t be this hard to get laid. I delete tinder from my phone. Ooof I’m glad my moment of weakness was short lived this time. I’m sorry y’all has to lay witness this to this dumpster fire.
7:00am: I check my emails. Three days ago, I applied for a new credit card with Chase and my application still hasn’t been approved. Weird, I have a good credit score and last year when I applied for my american express it took like a day. I am planning on spending $500 on a new synth (I am currently lusting over the Megafm by twisted electronics), and this card has a $200 cash back for the first $500 spent in the first 3 months. I google how long this process will take. Some say it takes about a week. I can wait. Guess you guys won’t be around to share my joy of blowing all my monies on synths.
11:30am: It’s avocado toast time. I need the carbs to combat the grogginess the wine left me feeling. It doesn’t taste great because I’m pretty sure my avocados are overripe, but oh well.
12:00pm: I check my credit card statement. My mom has made a $170 grocery store order with my credit card. I get 6% cash back on groceries and she wants to help me with getting cash back. The last time I saw her she gave me a few hundred dollars in cash to cover this. I don’t mind because I needed cash to buy merch at shows and stuff, and my bank doesn’t have any branches or atms in the Boston area. It’s kind of inconvenient now because everywhere has gone cashless, but I’m sure it’ll come into use when life resumes again or if I buy something off FB marketplace. $170
5:30pm: I make more fried rice and eat dinner. I make enough for lunch tomorrow as well.
8:23pm: I watch the The Real Story of Paris Hilton, her new documentary on youtube. The main opening song is Jesus and Mary Chain's Just like Honey. I remember how much I love this song and how much I would like to actually own it. I hop onto discog and search for a copy of the LP Psychocandy and buy it. I use leftover paypal credit in my account from when I sold some clothes on depop to cover the cost. $25.19.
10:00pm: Wow, the documentary was actually pretty sad. I always felt bad for Paris because of her leaked sex tapes when she was just a teen (and how the media painted her as the villain/slut for it), but was shocked to learn how she and countless other girls was drugged and abused by their boarding schools.
2:00am: I finish catching up on work and go to bed.
Total spent-$195.19
10:00am: Shoot I overslept. I log into work asap. I missed my daily 9:00am morning stand up, but my boss is usually pretty relaxed about these things. I still feel bad about it.
12:00pm: Eat fried rice for lunch. My friend messages me if I wanted to go record shopping with him. To be honest, I’ve been avoiding unnecessary in person retail shopping and don’t want to spend anymore money on records this month, but I also know he takes rejection super personally. He's insecure and always in his head that everyone actually dislikes him. It’s probably a little true because he does act like a brat sometimes, but I think it's due to severe depression. I tell him I’ll be down and justify the outing due to the record shop being near an asian grocer I like. I need groceries anyways and haven’t been to this store since pre pandemic.
4:30pm: I log out of work. Finally, the weekend.
5:00pm I take an edible and get ready to leave my home.
6:20pm I take the T to Central and pay with my pre loaded transit card. Back in March, I loaded $20 onto it and now I’m down to $4.80. I guess I have to reload it soon again. My friend informs me he’ll be late. I’m starting to feel high so I walk around and look at all the restaurants doing outdoor dining. My favorite place in Central is only doing takeout.
7:00pm: My friend arrives. We go to the record shop. I’m really high at this point. The tight aisles of the record shop makes me nervous.
7:30pm: My friend makes some big purchases, but I leave empty handed. We head over to the Hmart across the street. It’s nice to buy asian groceries. I stock up on veggies, enoki mushrooms, frozen gyoza, tofu, and even let myself get a few snacks. $68
8:00pm: One of my friends just messages me that Ruth Bader Ginsburg just passed. Truly devastating to hear. What a crazy election year.
8:30pm: I’m home and have the munchies. I snack on some of the things I bought, but it doesn’t fill my cravings.
9:45pm: I decide that I am ordering Mickey Ds. I call my housemate downstairs and ask him if he wants anything. He laughs and says no, causing me to doubt my order. However, he encourages me to order anyways, as he wants to mooch off some of my fries. I order fries and a mcChicken, and he sticks around downstairs like a seagull. $11
10:15pm: My food arrives. I know I will regret this tomorrow.
Total spent-$79
8:00am: I regret ordering food last night. One of my friends once said to me “There is nothing you can eat that can make you feel as good as being skinny”. I’m not sure if I can agree with him, but it’s definitely true when it comes to fast food. My stomach hurts so bad. I distract myself by watching youtube in bed.
11:00am: I finally get up and call my mom. She informs me that one of my dad’s colleges passed from Covid-19 at age 40. That is so sad. It reminds me that getting laid can wait till next year. Rip my non existing sex life-- too soon for death jokes?
1:00pm: I work out in my living room (out of guilt for last night). I’ve been doing so well eating wise for the last few weeks and actually lost some of my quarantine weight. My only vice is that I love getting high, but I have no control when it comes to having the munchies.
2:00pm: The weather is starting to change, and it’s actually getting cold. It’s so strange. As a Calfornian, this time of year is usually the hottest. I pulled out a jacket I haven’t worn in a while. I find five dollars, a purple glittery gel pen, and an almost brand new pack of cigs in the pockets. What a score. I’m a seasonal social smoker, by that I mean that I only smoke when it gets cold and usually to meet new people in smoking pits at shows so I haven't touched a cig in months. To celebrate my finds and the changing of the seasons, I smoke one and it suppresses my post workout hunger.
4:00pm: I’m just watching tiktok on the couch, while snacking a little. I feel so guilty for being unproductive, but not enough to motivate myself to do something.
5:00pm: I move my ac unit from my room to the basement. Won’t be needing that for the rest of the year.
7:00pm: I make gyoza and hang out with my housemate playing video games (the newish Catherine reboot).
Total spent-$0
4:45am: I fell asleep on the couch last night. I drag myself to the bathroom to take out contacts and brush my teeth. I close my window, climb into my bed, and go back asleep. It’s so cold.
11:40am: I wake up and check my messages. My other housemate is finally coming home after staying with his new girlfriend at her place for the last two months. He asks us what we want from Blue Ribbon, a bbq place we always get takeout from together. The house votes on one and a half chicken, a pint of burnt ends, slab of ribs, a quart of brisket, and a side of coleslaw. We split the cost three ways. $34
2:05pm: My housemate still hasn’t come home with food, but I’m hella hungry. Apparently he ordered from the wrong location and now has to go to another to pick up the food.
2:30pm: We eat bbq and then cake. My housemate accidentally missed my other housemate’s birthday, while he was gone living with his girlfriend so he brought makeup dessert.
3:30pm: We play video games (Smash ultimate) together for a few hours.
6:00pm: Everyone retires to their room except me. I sit on the couch and waste time on tictok. It sucks to be the only person in the house without a partner to call. I like being independent and openly acknowledge that I’m emotionally unavailable, but these last few months have made me question what I really need.
8:00pm: I go back to my room to get some work done.
12:30am: I feel lonely. I fall asleep to a documentary about Candy Darling.
Total spent-$34
8:00am: Wake up. Check my emails. I ordered a skirt from a seller on Thrilling (vintage clothing site) 3 weeks ago and it still hasn’t been sent out. I’m unhappy about this. I messaged Thrilling last week and the customer service rep reached out to the seller, and the seller said they will have it out by Saturday, but USPS tracking begs to differ. The item is still in pre shipment.
10:00am: I snack on blueberries as I work.
4:30pm: I log out of work. I eat BBQ leftovers for dinner and half a cookie. I open my 3rd la croix of the day. I’m down to only having two 12 packs. Will probably have to restock next week. I have a la croix addiction and go through 3-4 a day.
5:00pm: My housemate’s girlfriend swings by with a package from an online purchase he made (the one that just came back yesterday). He goes out to the driveway to meet her and tries to convince her to come in. She refuses because she’s self conscious of her quarantine weight. Big sad for me. I have yet to meet her and I was kind of looking forward to it. I haven’t interacted with another woman irl for a really really long time, and I really miss all my girlfriends in California. My housemate tells me that she said she’ll be willing to meet us once she loses weight first. I take that as I’ll never meet her.
5:30pm: I play video games with housemates to get in my daily socialization fix.
7:00pm: I practice playing banjo.
9:30pm: I do some more work before bed. Today was a standard boring day.
Total spent- $0
8:30am: I’m pleased that day’s are getting shorter and the sun is no longer waking me up at 5am everyday. I sleep next to multiple windows and the glare of the sun loves to hit directly where my pillows and head lie. While dressing I put on a bodysuit that I love, but I haven’t worn since college and a pair of Tripp raver pants. I can’t believe that up until I moved to Boston, I used to dress like this. There is so much side boob. Boston has made me so much more conservative in the way I dress, and I cover up. I put on a tight cardigan and am impressed with myself. Earlier this spring, this cardigan did not look good on me. Seems like my diet is working even though I did fudge up this weekend.
12:00pm: I eat leftovers for lunch and read today’s money dairy. The writer is similar to my age, which peaks my interest (also the mention of bumble in the title). I feel lonely. I need to stop thinking about dating apps. I can’t wait until it is safe to pick up men and women under dark lighting and liquid courage again.
4:30pm: I log out of work, and begin editing my money diary entries. It’s pretty therapeutic and feels like I’m talking to a group of new friends. There are a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes. I’m dyslexic so please bear with me.
5:00pm: I stir fry leftover rice, some leftover bbq meat, egg, broccoli, baby bok choy, and edamame. Dinner is ready. One of my housemates comes downstairs and also makes dinner and eats.
5:30pm: We play smash bros for a bit. I’m surprised our other housemate doesn’t come downstairs to join us. It’s been so long since he’s lived with us I forgot he always randomly falls asleep at weird times.
6:30pm: We retire to our rooms. I practice playing the banjo for a bit, while I chat with a friend through text.
9:15pm: Just doing some more work.
12:00am: Can't sleep so I exercise.
Food + Drink $113
Fun / Entertainment $25.19
Other $170
Lastly, reflect on your diary! Spending wise, this is a pretty typical week for me post pandemic. Most days I don’t spend money, but once or twice a month I would drop quite a bit of money (usually $500-600) on hobby related things, like the synth I mentioned in this diary. My spending has dramatically increased during the quarantine because I need to find ways to entertain and stimulate myself. Pre-pandemic most of my discretionary spending was spent on day trips and going to shows, which is pretty cheap and added up to no more than $400 a month. I was hardly ever home and when I was it was to wind down so I invested way less into my hobbies. I also spent less on food. Since spending more time with my housemates, the idea of takeout has become more normalized for me (I used to eat out once or twice a month, now I get take out at least once a week).
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2020.09.19 04:19 fcatthepanerabread A week in your favorite firearm dealer's not-so erotic life *or* FC's tale of two grandmas! 9/18/2020

Friday 9/11/2020 to Friday 9/18/2020
I won't do the play by play. It's more fun to just amalgamate the highlight reel of the week.
Subject: Sig P226
Message: Will trade for RAS-47?
FC: Sure. What do you propose?
I have a century arms RAS47 that has 30 total rounds through it. Magpul furnishing blk on blk.
FC: Right, you told me that earlier. Shipped or picked up? What value do you put on your trade?
Meet in person I’m in Lafayette. Value 900-1000.
FC: Okay, so I'm supposed to give you asking price for what reason? I have to resell that gun, so I'm supposed to buy it from you for $900 and sell it again for $800?
I was looking for a straight trade so you’d only have to sell it for what your asking for the Sig, or more if you're good at your job. AK's are definitely a hotter demand item right now. I’d prefer if you could text me (number)
(Editors note: FC does not text. Only drug dealers do business via text message.)
FC: Let me get this right. You want a straight trade so I only have to sell it for what I'm asking for the Sig. I have to do the work of selling two guns so I can make the same money?
You can sell an AK for more then the Sig in the current market. I’m just stating how easy it is for you to break even worse case scenario.
FC: There's a lot of gun guys in the breaking even business. I'm not one of them. Plus, if it's so easy to sell an AK, why don't you sell it and bring me cash?
It’s a trade so your only selling one anyways. Plus all will sell a lot faster... I’m not a dealer I don’t have people walking in looking for guns. Whatever easy sale and flip for ya but your loss bud
FC: Selling an Sig 9mm plus selling an AK is two guns. You must have gotten that common core math. I'll tell you what. You think it will sell fast? Bring it over here and leave it with me. I'll tag it and put it out at $1200 and when it sells, I'll have a 226 ready for you.
(No response)
Subject: Sig P220 on Gunbroker
Message: your ad says $1200 with CCL. arkansas ccl is reciprical with louisiana will you honor that?
FC: Picking up in person? No. Reciprocal for carry not for anything else like NICS exemption.
are you a federal firearms dealer ?
FC: No I am not.
(Editors note: I'm a manufacturer)
if i can l can legally hold own and carry any firearm concealed on my body or in my vehicle , then the rest is just cash exchange between to citizens , i can legally have own and carry the p938 , there is nothing not legal , we cN do a orivate bill of sale photograph my dl and ccl incase soneonencommits a crime , i can have a truck full of guns all legal, i just have to do the background check again to be able to pick up at an ffl , nit requred to register or anything like that
(Editors note: I delete the message)
Subject: Glock 17 Gen 5 MOS $775
Message: Is that price for real?
FC: No, that's wrong. I'll fix it right now.
(I change it to $875 on the website)
LOL o shit he raised it another $100, sorry man that petty ass shit doesn’t bother me. Honestly it just makes u look like a fucking joke. You’re the problem with dealers, it’s hard to find glocks this month so let’s jack the price up $300 and try to rob someone that doesn’t know shit about guns. Adam Kennedy FF/PM (name of his fire department and department phone number, sent from his department email)
(I google his name and email. He's got a low serial number HK Mark 23 for sale for top dollar.)
FC: I sold 10 at the gun shows for top dollar, this is my last one. Nobody's getting stock. If you want a $625-650 gun, I've got plenty of those but Glocks are selling for top dollar and then some right now. For instance, if you had a low serial number Mark 23 with everything that nobody could get - wouldn't you want top dollar for it too?
I had a mk23 preban with original woodland operators bag, and original Wilcox attachments (well all but the IR) and I put it on the forums. I let people out bid themselves not post it for an absurd amount/hundreds above MSRP just because they are hard to find. The point is I’ve been in guns since around 2012, met some really genuine people and what sets that site apart is people seem to have a mutual respect for each other. I understand that you have a business and have to make a profit but if you can’t separate the two and not price gouge the absolute fuck out of very common items just because you feel you can. Then maybe that site isn’t the best place for you, 95% of the people on that site are individuals and when a business comes along and does that it’s a slap in the face.
FC: So, you accept that you want top dollar because your merchandise is hard to find and are willing to accept the fact that the harder something is to find - the more people are willing to pay for it. You do it, and it's okay. I do it and I'm trying to rob someone? That's called moving the goalposts where I come from. Like it or don't like it, check gunbroker and all the other dealers - everyone's getting top dollar. I just did a show last week where I was $975 on Gen 5 19's, $775 on 43X's and $700+ on all gen 3 guns. The dealer across the aisle from me had Gen 5 34's at $1000. We're in business to make money, and people are willing to pay these prices because they're so hard to find.
How do I accept that?? When I sold the mk23 I posted it for a set very fair price, people offered me more because they wanted it. And top dollar would be MSRP or close to, top dollar is NOT hundreds above MSRP. Let me ask you this, does Glock charge you more (the dealer) because they are selling a shit load of them and they are “hard to find??” Does what you pay for glocks as a FFL change as drastically as the prices you are charging based off the market?
FC: You wanted, and got as much money for your rare hard to find product as you could? That's called getting top dollar! The new ford bronco is going to sell for above MSRP. For THOUSANDS more. are you going to call Ford and complain about that? Of course not.H Hundreds above MSRP is what guns are selling for right now. If you had some for sale, are you telling me you'd sell them for hundreds less than you could? I have not gotten a wholesale gun in stock in months, I have been buying guns at retail to resell. Glock does not set prices and distributors have nothing to sell me - so your question is entirely ridiculous. Do you remember the last time around 7 or 8 years ago when Colt 6920's were $2500 and SCAR 17's were $5000? That was nowhere near MSRP and I didn't hear anyone complaining. Since you don't seem to like it at all, I suggest you leave public sector employment and try to run a business and pay the bills with no product coming in wholesale.
(Editors note: FC used to be a public servant. FC used to work in the fire department. FC knows that you can get in deep shit for sending profanity laced emails on city email account with email signature. I forward the email to his department chief with a polite message tactfully reminding him that all emails sent to a city email are preserved as public records.)
Subject: Noveske lower
Message: Would you be willing to do a one for one trade? I have a NIB Anderson lower. I’m specifically looking for one of a few specific brands of lower and Noveske happens to be one.
FC: So I'm supposed to trade you even up and sell an anderson for more money? BTW. CTD got lowers back in this morning. They're andersons and they want $199 for them but I don't think I'm going to be able to get that price.
(No response)
Phone calls!
A: Guy wants a folding bracestock. I ask him if he wants a brace or a stock. He does not know the difference. I ask him if he's building an SBR. He says he's building an SBR, specifically an SBA3. I die a little inside.
B: Guy calls looking for 100 rds of 38 special for his colt python. Drives up in his tesla and hands me a ritz calrton titanium black card. $75/100 okay? No problem. He asks if I have any more at that price. I tell him as much as he wants.
C: Endless calls for 9mm and 380 ammo.
D: Guy calls me asking for a Glock 43X. He comes in and looks. I tell him $775 as he's holding an Amex. I say I'll do better for cash. $775 out the door. He says deal. Comes back the next week with $575 cash and I look at him funny. I paid $550 for the gun retail but he owns the Chickfila 20 miles up the road and gives me a stack of be our guest chicken sandwich coupons. I begrudgingly accept.
E: Lady calls me she's headed to the range in a few hours. She needs 500 rds of 40S&W and some 380.
Me: I got it. 500 rounds of 40 - $350
1: $350?
Me: $350.
1: No, no no!
Me: Yes, yes, yes.
1: It can't be $350! That's $350! That just can't be!
Me: Welcome to 2020
1: Well the 380 ammo is cheaper right?
Me: Not really. You're looking at $65 a box.
1: No, no no!
Me: Nobody's got ammo right now and we're getting top dollar. That's the price, feel free to shop around.
She never calls me back.
F: Guy calls me asking about my Federal 115gr 9mm. Cheapest on Ammoseek is $57 a box. I don't want to be that high so I price it at $55/box. He says how much for the case. I tell him 55 times 20. He's bad at math so I tell him that's $1100 for it all. He calls me an asshole. I tell him everyone's asking me to get 9mm ammo so I'm buying it retail and marking it up. He tells me not to buy it at retail and hangs up on me.
G: The gun club president calls me. the club needs a new 5.56 upper. I ask why. Someone shot 300 blackout through the old one and destroyed it. I tell them I don't have any uppers. I have complete rifles. Cheapest is $900 for an S&W sport M&P. I can hear his jaw dropping.
There's other miscellany but you get the gist of it.
NOW here's the meat and potatoes you've wanted! The tale of the gun show!
Friday 9/11/2020
I take inventory. I'm down to about 350 guns in stock and I pack as much as I can and get it ready for the show. I've got some Sigs left, a handful of Glock and a mishmash of everything else. I head to bed early knowing full well the next show will be a good one. I bought a bunch of Glock 43X's retail.
Saturday 9/12/2020
I pull chocks at 615AM. This show is about an hour down the road from my house, the last time I was there I sold nothing all weekend, broke my oakleys and vowed never to return.
This time is gonna be different, I said to myself.
At 7AM I walk in and I start loading into the show. It's a small venue in the middle of MAGA country. Everyone wearing red hats and trump train shirts.
In a few hours the doors will open and we are off to the races. I will do hour blocks instead of my previous play by play for simplicity.
9AM: Slow start, the show is spread out across TWO buildings so they route people into the other side and it takes them about 30 minutes to make their way into the big room. First sale of the day is my last Sig 365. For $700. It takes an hour and a half to get his background check back.
10AM: Guy points at an FNS 40C and wants a deal. I make him a deal at $525 cash out the door. He says he'll come back and think about it a bit.
I sell a shield for $500.
I sell a Glock 43X for $775.
I sell a Glock 43 for $700.
For some reason everyone is calling me Daniel. It takes me an hour to realize it's because I'm wearing a gray Daniel Defense polo.
11AM: FNS40 guy is back. He says it's a deal. I hand him a clipboard. he hands me an already filled out 4473 like another dealer rejected his sale. It's folded over on the long side and I tell him to fill out my form in front of me.
10 minutes later he hands me the pre filled out folded form thinking that I'm stupid.
You gotta be shitting me. I park his ass in a chair hand him a pen and tell him to start writing.
He fills it out. I enter in his background check and it does not come back right away. He gets antsy.
12PM: FNS 40 guy wants his money back. I refund it and keep $100 for me. I grab my tablet and someone has swiped right on my bumble. We begin chatting and I ask her if she wants to go to dinner. She's a little older, in her 40's and works for a bank. What the hell, why not.
Someone asks me what it takes to suppress his beretta 92. I tell him he needs a threaded barrel. They run $250. Someone overhears me and brings by his S&W 5906 and expects me to get a threaded barrel for $250.
Guy asks me to bring the threaded barrel tomorrow. I say sure.
1PM: Lady comes by and asks me if I have any 5.7's. She's on the phone reading down my inventory. I ask her if the gun is for her or her friend. She says for her. I show her the 5.7 on the table and roll my eyes a bit.
2PM: 5.7 lady comes by with her butch lesbian lover. She tells me its a deal and I hand her the clipboard. She fills everything out with lots of errors. I get her background check in and I tell her $1375
Her jaw drops. She was looking at the FNS 9mm for $575 next to it and didn't think that 5.7 pistols were $1375. She coughs reeking of weed. I void the sale.
Guy walks up asking me for 70% silencers. I just laugh.
3PM: Another guy comes over asking me if I got a 5.7. I tell him yes. He says he's got $1000 right now for a 5.7. I tell him I'll take $1000 as a down payment. He laughs and is adamant that I take this $1000 for a 5.7 tagged at $1375.
I ask him if he's got cash and all his ID and everything. He's on the phone it's actually for a friend of his. I ask him if his friend can get here before the show closes at 5. His friend has no CWL so his wife has to buy it but he's going to pay for it.
This guy is barking up the wrong tree. I go back and help someone else. He's looking at a Springfield XD I've brought and asks me if I'm making any deals. I tell him we're not doing a lot of discounting at the show. He shrugs and says he tried.
Another guy asks me for a Glock 43X. I walk him over to the stack and show him the tag at $775. He scoffs at me and walks away.
4PM: Show starts slowing down. I write up a Sig P238 Tribal and a P938 BRG for some customers at $700 each. I write up a S&W M&P15 sport for $900 as my last sale of the day. The lady was super nice and understanding when I pointed out the errors on her 4473.
5PM: Time to go home! I dump off some transfers to another dealer and hit the road. It's an hour to get back home.
6PM: I take a shower, shave and get to the restaurant for dinner.
7PM: I'm at the restaurant waiting at the table and I discover that the woman that said she was in her 40's is actually a 58 year old grandma of 2. Someone shoot me. She says she's not that hungry and proceeds to order soup, salad, a martini, an espresso and dessert. She's ordered $65 in F&B to my $35 steak. This was a complete waste of an evening.
My depression worsens and not even a bowl of mint chocolate chip can break me out of this funk. My will to live is eroding by the minute. I fall asleep at midnight and set my alarm for 747AM. I make a mental note to move up my therapist.
Sunday August 16th
747AM. Wake up, take a swig of orange juice and run down to the deli and grab a sandwich and get down to the show. I grab a threaded barrel for a Beretta 92 on my way down. Note: The guy never shows up for that barre.
10AM: Get to the show and uncover my tables and get cranking. It's a slow start to the day. My first sale is a Springfield XD. The show goes on and I write up an FNS for someone. The customer writes the check out payable to HK NO COMPROMISE.
I look at them confused.
FC: Why is this check made out to HK?
1: That's what it says on your shirt, HK NO COMPROMISE - that's the name of your company, right?
FC: sigh
11AM: Guy wants a can without a tax stamp. 5
12PM: Someone walks over. Points at my stack of silencers
1: I can't pick one of those up here!
FC: You got two arms don't you?
1: I mean I can't buy one here!
FC: If you got money you can buy one!
1: You're a real smartass you know that!
FC: Beats being a dumbass!
The peanut gallery laughs at our exchange.
1PM: Guy wants to buy a Walther P22. Fills out the front sheet of the 4473. Satisfied with his answer, he turns the page along the perforation, rips it off and proudly hands the top sheet to me.
I die a little bit inside.
2PM: 7 different husband/wife combos ask me for shield EZ pistols. I write up my last M&P 15 sport I brought to the show for $900. It's a good day! I debated bringing another but I figured selling two for the weekend would be plenty.
3PM: The lady that bought that S&W M&P15 yesterday? She wants another one. I have three left on the shelf. I take her money and tell her I'll meet her at the show next week and she says no problem and does all her paperwork. u/throwawayfire343 's coronavirus infected ass shows up and needles me on a gun.
1: How much do you want for this $150 gun?
FC: About 350
1: really
FC: Gimme $200 and fill the goddamn form right
1: deal!
I take his money and wrap up a few other folks and get ready to pack up and head home. He does the form right much to my chagrin.
4PM: Show is closed. I start packing up. I snag 500 rds of 9mm off the dealer across the show. He started with a full pallet. Most of it is gone. Price? $500/thousand. I am packed up and on the road in a little under an hour.
5PM: Homeward bound........I wish I was........HOMEWARD BOUND..............
I hit the truck stop for some diesel and a cold fountain drink.
630PM: I get back to my desk and dump off a fucking STACK of 4473's. I make a bank drop for the cash and I unload and head back home. I'm starving, I go grocery shopping and grab some comestibles. I cook myself dinner and head home.
Monday September 14th
10AM: My back is out and my depression is worse than ever. I don't know what hurts more, my back or my brain. I head in and get my 4473's worked on from the show.
11AM: Guy asks me to get some 9mm ammo for him held until after work. No problem. He says he'll be here at 445 after he gets out off at 430. He works around the corner.
12PM: Lunchtime. It's Chicken Bacon Ranch day at the market. I'm starving. I grab my keys and get ready to leave when I get a call from a lady from the gun club. She wants one of my last Sig 938's. I tell her to come by, I'll delay lunch for her.
1PM: Laura shows up and spends 45 minutes with me trying to decide on which 938 she wants. She has no intention of shooting this gun she just wants one in case antifa shows up. She leaves and says she will come back in 45 minutes. Great, I can go to lunch now.
2PM: It try to go to lunch. I am not successful. Laura calls me asking me more questions and tells me she has another friend wanting the same gun. I tell her I will put my lunch on hold and she can come on by.
She and her friend debate Sig 938's for a while and each of them buy a gun. I got a twofer! Woo! This calls for a celebration called lunch.
3PM: I get a call from a semi regular. This guy buys a gun or two a year. He's getting his concealed license and does not want the government to know he's buying guns. So he's sending his wife in to do the 4473 for his birthday present, a Wilson CQB 1911 they've purchased off gunbroker. I tell him great, send her over and I'll get her paperwork done. I get ready to go to lunch. The phone rings, Laura and her friend want more of my time. Fine. I will put my lunch on hold. Come on over.
4PM: Laura and her friend come over and Laura suggests that I give each of them a few Sig 938 7 rd pinky extension mags for free since they just bought two guns. I look at them in great pain.
Women. They make the highs higher and the lows more frequent. I'm sorta in a woman hating mood after this week but I don't want to take it out on them. I explain politely that NOBODY is getting free goods right now. if you want mags, I have three left. They spent 25 minutes arguing with me and then they decide to buy all three mags. Great. Terrific. I'm going to lunch now. Your business is appreciated now GTFO. The guy that wanted me to reserve 9mm ammo for him? Yeah he no showed.
5PM: Beef jerky lunch time. I get my keys and get ready to walk out the door. The wife of Wilson Combat buyer is running errands and can be over here. Sure, come on down. I'll be here. She does all her paperwork and we talk for 2 hours about how autistic you all say I am and how not autistic she says I am. Nice lady. She brought me gummy bears. I tell her I am clearly on the spectrum because I behave and think exactly like her autistic son. She fails to believe me.
7PM: I can finally go have lunch! I go to the Olive Garden for lunch.
815PM: I get home from the OG. This is not going well. My colon does not like the pasta and breadsticks. I spend the next hour and a half making three trips to the throne. This fucking week. And it's only sunday. God damn.
I take a tylenol PM and sleep it off.
Tuesday September 15th
10AM: I get in and start catching up on vendor calls and paperwork.
11AM: UPS rolls in with a wilson and some piece of shit suppressor from some company. I call Lisa and tell her that the package is here and she can pick it up anytime. She says she will be right over.
12PM: Lisa gets her gun and thanks me with some things she got at walgreens. Red hots, and pens. I laugh. I tell her it's fine. She's confused. Her autistic son always liked Red Hots and pens.
1PM: I swing over to the deli and it's Monday. They have hot browns today. I love a hot brown. I grab one and check in on facebook telling the world of my discovery. So many great job poopin memes and comments ensue.
2PM: I call the guy who's got the el cheapo 556 can. He's pissed. That can was supposed to be sent to another dealer across town. I tell him his options.
A: I can do his form 4 and charge him my hourly.
B: I can ship it back to the vendor and charge him my hourly.
C: I can ship it to the dealer across town and charge him my hourly.
He's PISSED and tells me to do the forms for him. I tell him email me all the info and I'll get it done. I get an email in GMAIL CONFIDENTIAL MODE.
What's CONFIDENTIAL MODE? It's a self destructing email you can't reply to, forward or cut and paste from - which makes this useless since I have to cut and paste all the info he's given me. I tell him I need the data in a different format. He yells at me about PII and stuff and I offer to do the form 4 in front of him. He relents and emails me what I need. It's missing a birthday. No biggie. I email him a draft and he says it looks lfine.
3PM: The guy comes by and he's pissed at the vendor and takes it out on me. I tell him if he does not want to do the forms from me, I can send it to the dealer across town. He's mad as hell and I've discounted my rate to $100 as a goodwill gesture.
1: You're charging me $100?
FC: Yes
1: But you're not doing anything.
FC: Here's the checklist.
1: The other place did my photos, fingerprints and everything and charged me $100.
FC: Great. I'm not spending $8000 on a fingerprint scanner to make it back $100 at a time.
1: So you're not doing anything.
FC: I did these forms correctly as you asked.
1: But you didn't even do my fingerprints! Or my passport photos! What the hell am I paying you for?
FC: Why'd they send the item here/
1: Hell if I know! You should call them and find out!
FC: You want me to call them?
1: Well you dealers have a special phone number and email. They won't answer my calls or my emails.
FC: What makes you think they're going to answer mine?
1: You're a dealer! You have a special back office phone number to reach them that I don't have, right?
FC: Are you kidding me?
1: No! You all have that special communication system that the public has no access to!
FC: Gimme your $100 and get these forms reviewed, I've got another customer to help in a bit.
1: You mean I gotta mail it out too! The other place did that for me!
FC: You want me to mail it? I'll mail it. Get the prints done, get the photos taken and get the form filled out and I'll mail it.
1: The other place answered all the questions for me!
1: I am really upset about all this you're charging me the same money and you're doing no work!
FC: You want this can?
1: Yeah
FC: Then follow my instructions.
He pulls out three credit cards with damaged magnetic stripes that won't work. I manually key the card and I'm now working for $96.50 dealing with the biggest pain in the ass I've seen since operation machinegun salvage in 2019.
4PM: I have to go to fedex to drop off today's orders. 1000 rds of 22 leave the building for $189.48. A bunch of mags to the west coast and a Sig P220 are leaving.
5PM: Make it to Fedex where I say hi to Cathy and the gang. I swing by the market on the way home and grab some shredded romaine and a thin cut top sirloin.
545PM: Now I told you this story was a tale of TWO grandmas. Here's the second. I get a call from my attorney buddy Eddie, my partner at the consulting company. He got a call from a lady needing help with some ATF Forms. He knew it wasn't his area of expertise and wanted to know if I could do it. I said send the details my way. He tells me it's an older lady and to expect an email. Moments later I get an email from him.
Subject: Forms for Karen Witherspoon
Message: Will, attached is ATF correspondence from ATF to Karen, I think you can fix this. Thanks!
I look at the attachment.
NOTICE OF TAKING DEPOSITION DUCES TECUM - State of Louisiana vs Billy Bob Ray Thibodeaux
FC: Eddie, I got your deposition notice not the ATF forms
Eddie: Whoops
FC: If that's the worst thing that happens this week it's not a bad week.
Eddie: She knows you're charging her I didn't give her a price.
FC: Lemme look at it and see what we got.
6PM: I call Karen and ask her some details. Her husband was a former licensee/SOT and left a machinegun behind when he died. She did ATF Form 5 and got some errors and needs help fixing it. Just as I'm on the phone with her Eddie emails me the packet.
It's bad and riddled with errors. Out of 20 fields that all need to be filled out correctly, 12 are wrong. And not a little wrong. A LOT wrong.
I won't get into it here but I might in a separate post.
ATF wants the forms back at their facility in 30 days. The mailing date was 2 weeks ago. Which means these forms need to be corrected RIGHT THE FUCK NOW and sent out. Oh and she's got no fingerprint cards.
I tell her that I can drop everything I'm doing this evening, go over everything with a fine tooth comb and have this done in a few hours and I can drop them off tomorrow. She says if I can make a house call that would be good since she has furniture movers coming to empty their house in the morning. I tell her no problem. $350 and I'll see her tomorrow.
I run down all the forms and fix everything. I do a public records search and pull court filings for the probate and print them off and enclose them as ATF requested.
$350 for basically an hour's worth of work isn't bad. There's a steak/bottle of wine split for Eddie in there since it was his lead.
8PM: I call Karen back and tell her I've got everything done but ATF needs a copy of the will. She says she has it. I got everything else they asked off the clerk's website. She's super impressed. I tell her there's a reason Eddie called me.
9PM: Time to cook dinner. My phone is about to die. Just as I plug it in I get a call from u/fat_italian_stallion
He NEVER calls me unless something's up.
We had a quick chat over the weekend at the gun show that went something like this
FC: So that's how I got catfished by a grandma on bumble
FIS: LOL that is epic bad. I'm in New Orleans for a week on vacation with the gf
FC: The psycho one?
FIS: You know it.
FC: If you need bail money let me know
FIS: I just might!
That was Sunday morning. It's tuesday night. My phone dies as I try talking to him. I switch to my landline and call him.
FC: What up?
FIS: I need a solid
FC: How bad is it this time?
FIS: Can I sleep at your house tonight? She went nuts again and attacked me.
FC: I told you not to get invovled with her didn't I?
FIS: She's hot!
FC: You know I'm like 3 hours away from you right?
FIS: Yeah I got a half tank of gas.
FC: Go fill it, here's the address. See you around midnight. You hungry?
FIS: Starving.
FC: I was getting ready to fix dinner. I'll see you at midnight. Get here when you get here.
9PM-1145PM: I fix up the guest suite and prepare dinner. I run to the Target near my house since they close at 10 and grab a few more things. I get back just before 10 and I prepare to fire up the grill and get a steak going, salad and a fresh ravioli dish drowned in Rao's tomato basil sauce is on the menu. Steak hits the fire at 1130 and is resting by 1145. I plate everything and have it on the table at midnight.
1145PM: I get some spare towels and hotel soaps and shampoos. I head out to the driveway and turn on all my lights and leave the garage door open. I set a lawn chair up and crack open a large bag of boom chicka pop poprcorn and await the arrival of one u/fat_italian_stallion
1204AM: u/fat_italian_stallion rolls up. I've got guns and roses "Used to love her" playing on the ipad
FC: sup?
FIS: Long day.
FC: Dinner's on the table. Lets eat.
Wednesday September 16th
We eat and go to sleep. fat_italian_stallion does not know I have slid my spare ipad into the guest suite on the nightstand.
Did you know you can set an alarm on an ipad to instead of making a noise to play a song?
757AM: The ipad alarm wakes up fat_italian_stallion. The song? A little band called Confederate Railroad blasting "I like my women a little on the trashy side." He'll have to tell you the rest of the story.
9AM: I chat with fat italian and we chat a bit skipping breakfast. He has decided to leave this godforsaken state and put some miles between him and the psycho. I don't blame him one bit.
10AM: Breakfast! I throw on a charcoal canali and hit the chickfila drive thru for some breakfast chicken biscuits. I head to my desk and get some paperwork and some calls done.
11AM: I get a call from my attorney buddy Sam. He wants to know how many laws his client who has sent in a Form 1 and not notified the CLEO has broken. I explain I was just having that debate with someone on the internet! It's not a big deal but still kinda a big deal. Our consensus is that it's not count one on the indictment but it could be count five or six.
12PM: Lunchtime. I'm not hungry so I skip lunch. I head to meet with the grandma with the MG and I go over all her new forms that she needs to get fixed with fingeprint cards and my notes. She's super appreciative and gives me $350 in cash. She can't find the will. I call her attorney that I know and he's not picking up. I tell her see if she can get an original copy of the will from the clerks office or from the attorneys office, they normally have a copy.
I ask her what plans she has for the gun. I mean, what's a grandma supposed to do with a registered Colt M16?
All her husbands friends wanted it and they all offered her the same amount so she didn't need it and decided to sell it. She's taking the $5000 she's getting and going on an Alaskan cruise with the grandkids after the world calms down. I shrug. She should have called me.
2PM: Back at my desk, I call the judge's chambers that's doing the probate. Judge Smith LOVES the 308 that I got him a few years ago and is super pleased with my services since he didn't tell the wife about his purchase and I had just gotten a damaged case of 308 PMC Bronze that I made him a hell of a deal on that UPS wrote off. I tell the JA that ATF probably isn't going to call but in case they do just be ready. She's super glad that I told her ahead of time so she can be ready.
Judge Smith is retiring in a few months and he's got some time in the schedule so she patches me through and we catch up for a little bit. I am told that they're going to try to do a COVID compliant socially distanced retirement disrobing party but it's all up in the air. I say if you all need someone to bring potato salad to let me know. As a stalwart of the legal community for many years, lots of folks know the judge so it's well deserved after 20+ years on the bench. As I am also well known in the legal communty the least I can do is show up with a bottle of red for the guy that's signed hundreds of form 4's for me over the years.
3PM: I ship out a few more pistols and sell an M1A scout squad to a guy in California. Not a bad day.
4PM: I'm done for this week. Between the gun show and getting catfished and everything I've earned some time off. I think I'm gonna take the rest of the week off. The phone rings and a guy wants some 9mm ammo. I sell him 500 rds at $375 plus shipping.
Thursday September 17th to Friday September 18th: I wrote this for you all to read.
PS - and this is how you do a "week in the life" thread, you fucking imposter.
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2020.09.16 18:09 nickmillerism I am 32 years old make $47,000 and live on Long Island and work as a finance assistant.

Money diary of myself and my boyfriend, D.
Income Progression: I am paid hourly at $17 an hour with overtime available, which before COVID and starting again soon I work an average of 58-61 hours a week. D is also paid hourly at $29 an hour and has overtime available when asked.
Monthly Take Home: The month of August for me was $2,245 after taxes and 401k. D makes $3200 a month after taxes. I forfeit my health insurance and receive $150 a month because I am on D's work plan which is the same exact health insurance but shockingly cheaper because his company pays more into it.
Assets and Debt
Retirement Balance (and how you got there): 401k balance today is $17,991.51. I am now 100% vested because I've been at my job for 8 years. Company matches 1%, it's a small family owned business so I don't expect anything at all.Savings account balance: $12,300 in my personal, $2,900 in D's personal.Checking account balance: $400 in my personal, ~$3,300 in joint checking for shared expenses.
Credit card debt (and how you accumulated it): Explained below in expenses
Student loan debt (for what degree): I graduated at a SUNY school for journalism and photography. My dad paid for all 4 years and has never asked to be repaid. I think it was the worst mistake I ever made because 1: I was going through depression and other emotional issues 2: I never used my degree by way of graduating in 2010 and never was hired for a job I was qualified to do.
Rent: $1,819 for a 900sq ft one bedroom second floor apartment with a large outdoor balcony. 5th year rent will be $1,940 which we know because we signed a 2 year lease this time and I negotiated down both years rent. Renters insurance: $135 for one year paid in April.
Health insurance: $755.56 a month, or $188.89 deducted per pay check from D's job. It includes medical, dental and vision.
Savings contribution: I was very good at saving during and before COVID. I would save $500-$600 a check depending on bills due that pay period. Now I'm just happy if I have money in my checking to roll over into savings at the next pay period. I set up auto-save for D $100 a week into his own savings account.
Debt payments:$387.02 balance on Chase Freedom and $3,900 balance on Target MasterCard (which are for revolving shared expenses and I'm slowly learning to stop. I have a habit of wanting more liquid cash in our checking in case of emergencies rather than use it for spending. I don't know why I'm like this and I hate it.) $3,966 on a Discover card that was a balance transfer from AMEX with 0% interest for 18 months. Beginning balance was $5,459 that D had been using when we first started dating 8 years ago, ran up the charge and just never told me about. He's been paying it down with monthly minimum automatic $200 payments until I have to balance transfer to another card (LOL COOL). I control all finances because he spends thoughtlessly and doesn't understand money.
Monthly expenses:
Electric: Summer months are $50-$100, winter months are $25-$45.
Wifi: $80/month Verizon Fios internet.
Subscriptions: We have Hulu free from having Sprint, Disney+ free for 2 years from signing up for Fios this year. HBOMAX, Amazon Prime, Showtime, Netflix, Apple TV my parents pay for and we use their logins and use a separate profile for streaming.
Cellphone: $67 auto pay monthly for my Sprint service. D's is $130 auto pay monthly because he pays for the phone as he goes bundled with his Sprint service plan.
Pet expenses: Chewy order of $67 every 3 months for 40lbs of litter, 2 packets of treats, 48 cans of food and a new toy. I buy her a new scratcher pad, toy or cute nonsense every so often in addition to this. She's my child and I work to make her life great.
Car payment: My 3 year Jeep lease is $278/month. The Jeep I traded in for this was owned and was given $7,000 as the trade in cost. I used that to cover my payments for the first 2 years and am now paying for it myself as of September.
My car insurance this year is $1,528 for the year. D owns both his cars outright and pays $76/month for insurance.Apple Music and iPhone storage: $11/month, I use.
Spotify: $10/month, D uses.
Weed/beealcohol expenses: $120 twice a month for bud we share. D spends an average of $150-200 a month on craft beer (please roll your angry eyes with me)
Day 1:
530am: Wake up after maybe my worst winery experience ever. I can handle my alcohol, have never thrown up and never been hung over. It was almost as if someone put something in my drink or it was bad wine. Shower, Skincare/makeup routine of CeraVe moisturizing cleanser, Pixi Glow tonic, FIT concealer, Anastasia Modern Romance palette, LashCraft big volume mascara. I stopped using so much makeup (foundation/full face) since the pandemic started since I wasn't going to work for 3 months and my skin is clear and beautiful for the first time in my life. Pop 2 Advil, feed our cat and head to work. This is the usual morning routine so there's no need to keep repeating it for this.
745am: Decide I need a cure of a bacon, egg, cheese, salt, pepper, ketchup on a roll. $4
8am: Fill my Yeti water bottle, get into my office and start my day. It's the last day of our sales month and I know I'll have long stretches of hours in my chair getting through the paperwork.
1pm: Work friends decide to order lunch. I go in on their order from NY Panini with a sandwich (thin chicken cutlet, fresh mozz, vodka sauce to dip. Absolutely heavenly). $15 including tip.
4pm: Get an alert from Chase that D bought beer at our local bevy. $20
8:30pm: Finally done, hit our imaginary number. Drive home, get ready for bed and much needed uninterrupted sleep.
Total: $39
Day 2: 5am: Wake up to the cat meowing in my face. Guess she didn't get fed her pre-breakfast when D woke up. 8am: Sit down in my office and be happy today will be slow. I had made a batch of cold brew over the weekend with Peet's Major Dickason's blend, so I pour that over water and add a splash of Oatly.
1pm: Lunch that I brought from home (chicken with mozz and a red sauce i made from our garden tomatoes) while reading The Southern Book Club's Guide To Slaying Vampires.
430pm: Leave work on time, get home to do household chores, catch up with D and relax a little before a late dinner out.
8pm: I'm trying to break the habit of getting home, getting comfortable and canceling plans to stay home so I change back into an outfit to meet up with my friend that I never get to see because our schedules never match up. We order roasted brussels sprouts, penne ala vodka, a paloma for me and a mojito for him. He ends up paying and I will owe him dinner next time.
11pm: Home, skincare, bed.
Day 3:
8am: Settle into work, see there's not much going on today and read a decent amount of the book I picked up over the weekend. This week it's The Southern Book Club's Guide To Slaying Vampires. I make good use of 2 of my local libraries and keep track of how much I would have spent if I bought books or bought/rented movies. So far I've saved $782.
12pm: Weird lunch of leftovers thrown together (tomato and mozzarella salad, cucumber slices) while talking with work friends.
1pm: Get an alert from Chase that D got McDonalds for lunch $15.73
6pm: End up having to stay late because of a delivery no one ever told us about. Wait for insurance to come in, print up paperwork and run out before anything else happens.
7pm: Come home to D in the middle of laundry and heating up leftovers for dinner. After a few bites, my anxiety takes over from needing to go to the store and make a deal with him (i fold his laundry if he comes to the store with me). We pick up K-cups for D, Keurig filter, almond milk, bread, English muffins, Ritz-bits, Nutter-Butters, sour cream, dish soap and cotton rounds. $54.85
9pm: Skincare, read some of my book and sleep before 10.
TOTAL: $70.58
Day 4: 645am: Sleep in a bit, throw up my hair and head to work for another slow day.
2pm: Co-worker treats 4 of us to halal for lunch and we sit together trying to figure out our schedules for what nights coming up work best to go out for drinks. Seems to be tomorrow that works. Pack up and head to a dreaded dentist appointment.
330pm: I usually don't mind this appointment because I take really good care of my teeth, and I love my hygienist. My usual dentist isn't in, so a different one informs me an old filling is cracking and I will need a crown (but from what the X-ray shows, not a root canal and post!). They quote me $1360 for the crown and $500 for a new night guard. Told them I would look into being added to D's dental insurance in addition to the medical I'm now on so that both those expenses would be cut by 85%. Use my CareCredit card to pay my bill for today's 5 X-rays, cleaning and a checkup. $271.
4pm: Get an alert from Chase that D also spent $54 between a doctor copay and a prescription pick up. He also stops at 7-11 for whatever he got there $10.22.
5pm: Change into leggings, tank and sneakers so I'm motivated enough to go on a walk and it's not 900 degrees. D decides to join. We smoke a bowl and enjoy a longer than usual walk around our neighborhood. Our new favorite thing is critiquing houses and landscaping since soon we will have to make the decision to stay another 2 years at our apartment, buy my parents' house or find a new place.
7pm: Change into comfy clothes and settle onto my couch D makes a teriyaki London broil, roasted onions and shisito peppers for dinner. We get into a Hulu and Netflix black hole and impulse watch 2 episodes Married To Millions (jfc, these people are insane but can't look away).
TOTAL: 335.22
Day 5: 630am: Get out of the shower in a panic thinking there's gun shots going off but it's some moron setting off fireworks. In front of my Jeep. Cool. Neighbors start recording him and his white BMW license plate and he eventually drives off cursing at all of them. I need a strong coffee.
730am: Find that the neighbor slipped a Post-It through the mail slot with the police report number she filed in case that guy comes back and it's nice to have if i notice any damage to my Jeep that may have happened.
830am: Friday and it's pay day for both D and I. I transfer $500 into our joint account and feel relief that we're done with bills for the month so it can only go up from here.
10am: If anyone calls me that isn't work related, I panic that someone died or an equally bad situation. D calls to tell me our refrigerator is being replaced since they cannot repair it! All our appliances have been upgraded or replaced since we've moved in, which makes it enticing to sign another lease when we have to in 2022.
4pm: Get an alert from Chase that D took out money to pay for our bi-monthly weed pickup. Our guy gets medical quality from California so it's worth the steeper price. $120
6pm: Out on time and meet my friend/co-worker K at the bar. He has friends there already and it's already getting wild. Work friends and other people I know slowly trickle in and it's a great night. I never understand how people hate their co-workers because I don't know what I would do without them as my genuine friends. Z, K's now fiance, shows up and she wants to talk outside in private where she asks me to be in their wedding party! So honored. They got engaged 2 weeks ago and it's extra special for me because Z's parents and mine have been best friends for 30+ years and I have worked with K for 5 years. We're all very close and he treats me very well in return for how much I help him at work.
9pm: I throw in $40 cash for my one beer, a shared app and a tip.
TOTAL: $160
Day 6: 445am: D wakes up at dawn to go fishing, which he tries to do every off summer day he has. I'm more of a "have a cocktail and read my book on the boat", but today is a get shit done day.
6am: Make my cup of cold brew with a splash of oat milk and start cleaning the entire apartment. Wait until 9am to use the deep cleaning vacuum (we have a smaller Dyson v8 for everyday cleaning and a plug in Bissell Turbo plus for once a week. I just wish I could be more like Monica Geller in a Friends deep cut and have a smaller one to clean both of those.)
11am: Once everything seems in place and spotless, I head out for errands. My mother works at my hometown library and gets me all the new releases. I stop in to pick up my holds for the week and they tell me I won the summer reading challenge (read 32 books) and my prize is a Kindle Fire 7 HD!
12pm: Drive to the most convenient shopping center around. First Ulta for shampoo, conditioner and the Anastasia brow gel. I usually use the Coloupop Boss Brow but decided to try a higher end product that may last longer. I use $6 of Ulta points and $34 of a store credit balance. Just $34 owed. At Target I pick up Pixi Glow toner, quart Ziplocs, Febreeze and an oversized tie-dye crop tee. I get a $5 giftcard to use later because the beauty purchase was more than $25 itself. $53.51. Last stop is Whole Foods to get Oatly, 2 bags of Purely Elizabeth grain-free granola and a LaColombe draft latte. $15.59
2pm: We had made plans to meet up with K and Z for some drinks and food but D is running behind on the boat. 2 hours later we finally get in the car and meet them. Round of beers at the first place and round of drinks at the second, K pays. Stop into a jewelry store in the town where Z buys earrings for herself and snuck in a t-shirt that says "bridesmaid/best friend" for me. I just love her. . 5pm: Realize that it's Derby day and our usual bar is having an event, which thankfully died down by the time we arrive. The Islanders game is also on which annoys the hell out of me. We all order some drinks, wings, nachos and the cook makes us Italian bread zeppoles. I somehow manage to convince K to let me pay for once. Our favorite bartender is 33 so I tip him $33. $66 total
9pm: Get in at a surprisingly reasonable hour and am able to get quality sleep before tomorrow's long day.
TOTAL: $169.10
Day 7:
7am: Sleep in a bit, enjoy my cold brew and get in some time reading Majesty by Katharine McGee (highly recommend the first book American Royals) while the cat has zoomies that won't end.
10am: Feeling restless and decide on a 2 hour walk alone. Listen to the sunday NYT Daily and Smartless (new podcast with Jason Bateman, Will Arnett and Sean Hayes). Back home and get ready for the day.
2pm: Celebrating Labor Day sunday with our quarantine bubble friends and their kids. We're in charge of getting sides and seltzer and I don't disappoint with our selections (the expected mac, coleslaw, potato salads, a cold pasta and veggie salad, tomato, basil, mozz salad, Long Island corn to roast and Blueberry Lemonade Polar seltzer. $34.08. Much to my dismay, D stops at the bevy and gets a 6 pack of Zombie Dust beer $24.32.
7pm: Dinner was incredible bbq food and we end the night with s'mores around the fire pit. Time at our friends' house always feels like a short time at a resort between the chef's kitchen, salt water pool, hot tub and fire pit, I never want to leave. We are also not going to have children so I enjoy the time we get to spend with our friends' kids who are basically family. They send us home with so many leftovers and I graciously accept the fact I won't have to cook anything until Wednesday.
11pm: Stop on the service road for gas $42.50. Get home way too late for a work night, and a sales holiday no less. Get ready for bed and read until I relax enough to fall asleep
TOTAL: 100.90
Weekly Total:$835.80
Week of reflection:
After taking a hard look at everything financially and emotionally in my life, I sat down with D and told him my frustrations over the past few years. I told him I don't want to be anxious every time I get a Chase alert and that he spends without thinking. We agreed that $50 a week will go into his own debit account which he can use for morning coffee, beer, and whatever is his own stuff. His $100 autosave i=for him is switched to every other week for awhile. We will never get to another level relationship-wise or financially if we keep spending more than we earn or don't keep a closer eye on things. I also explained how I am his partner and not a parent and I don't enjoy nagging him about how to adult better. Any other purchase or new expense over $100 we will talk about before doing it.
We will also be designating one or two days a week for errands and expenses with a list in hand so we don't go and buy unnecessary things and stop going to stores so often.
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2020.09.15 20:09 rustycarrot88 American husband moving to NI

Hi all
Just wondering if someone has any experience, advice or information on moving my partner to the north from LA.
Quick backstory, I moved to LA 4 years ago from Belfast, partner is from California. We’ve been married for 2.5 years.
We’re now looking to move back to NI in the next couple of months, especially since they’re granted EU status to spouses of NI residents etc.
Does anyone know if we file before entering? If so where we can find the paperwork etc? Or if we need a solicitor etc?
We’ve been drolling the internet for answers and not finding anything direct.
Any advice is appreciated
EDIT. Should have stated that we’ve trying to speak to immigration advisors at the embassy etc to no avail, emails have been sent and those that respond have been very limited or directed to websites with limited info.
We know it’s a little grey in areas as the EU status application for spouses is still new and with Brexit on the horizon there’s limited info.
We know it’s a long shot, but just throwing the net out on the hope that maybe someone one here sees it that’s going through it currently or has went through it.
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2020.09.14 16:58 gama1337 AllianceBlock - $ALBT

AllianceBlock provides the bridge between traditional and digital capital markets for all participants, reflecting how traditional finance would be designed today with current technology.
AllianceBlock’s ‘DeFi Ecosystem’ is designed as a multi-sided platform that enables its members to issue, transfer and own tokenized and/or digitized assets. It is open and allows any entity to create assets and applications without the need for approvals from centralized trust authorities. It uses human and machine intelligence to harness the intelligence of groups in decision-making and governance.
Who is it for?
Platform simplifies issuance steps into one seamless end to end process. AllianceBlock enables companies to issue a regulated, registered and identified digital security, and raise funds at a fraction of the cost, time and complexity.
All in one platform for investors providing a range of services including Digital Identity, Custody and Liquidity. You don’t need to be a large investor, access to investment opportunities depend on your reputation score, calculated through s sophisticated AI.
Funds and Institutions
AllianceBlock provides Funds and Institutional investors with a complete solution for compliance checks, assessments and rating, and tracking and analytics for issuer offers. Platform also interfaces with legacy systems and infrastructure to enable a seamless solution for custody and portfolio management for digitized assets.
AllianceBlock has partnered with Quant Overledger to implement a multi-ledger interface. Overledger is the world’s first blockchain operating system (OS) that not only connects blockchains to one another but also connects existing networks to blockchain and facilitates the creation of internet scale multi-chain applications otherwise known as MApps.
AllianceBlock has partnered with Holo to implement its Data Management Framework. Holochain applications (hApps) are held entirely by people. No trusted third parties. No central points of failure. They enable direct architectural consent and cryptographic communication that are low risk, for less cost.
AllianceBlock engaged in a cooperation with Kyros Ventures, the connecting portal to many of the largest Vietnamese crypto communities. Kyros Ventures is a conglomerate of four of the largest crypto communities in Vietnam: Coin98, Tradecoin Vietnam, HC Capital and Coin68, which collectively have more than 100,000 active traders. Kyros Ventures is the gateway for international cryptocurrency projects to enter into the Vietnamese market.
AllianceBlock partnered with AIKON, a secure blockchain identity service that helps users easily and securely verify their identity when using supported services, while complying with data protection regulations like General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).
AllianceBlock and Orion Protocol announced an industry-first integration aimed at providing traditional finance entities with a singular, compliant, and non-custodial gateway to the entire crypto market — accelerating blockchain’s mainstream adoption.
Token economics
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2020.09.12 23:58 baronesslucy The Case took on a life of it's own

(This is told by the viewpoint of a family friend)
The church that 90 year old Joan Stiller had attended for decades was a thriving church in the 1970's, 1980's and then went into a decline. There were only 10 members left, nearly all old women. I'm the youngest at age 60. This particular Sunday only 6 members were in attendance, along with a visiting couple. Joan and Siobathan were the ushers who had the church collection bags. As the organ music played, they walked thru the mostly empty pews. The couple had been coming to the church for a couple of weeks and I noticed it was ever since Siobathan had come home.
Siobathan liked being a usher even though she wasn't a member of the church and never would be.
The Florida town of Joyful had about 8,000 people and was right in the middle of the bible belt. The church that we attended wasn't your typical bible belt church. It was more of a main line denomination but stricter than most main line denominations. We were seen as outsiders and outside the norm in the town. We are ignored (never invited to anything in town) and that is about it and this was how it was for Siobathan growing up.
Joyful is about 15 miles west of Lakeland.
When Siobathan was 6 years old, 8 members of her family were killed in a tragic boating accident in the Gulf of Mexico. She was sick that day and stayed with Joan. Terrible tragedy.
Siobathan was a model and a dancer. She lived in California and came to visit her great-grandmother several times a year. She had done several music videos, one of which was very racy. No one in the church knew anything about it except for me, as I say they are older and don't really associated with anyone in town who certainly would have told them. None of us shopped in the town as we felt unwelcome the few times we did.
I was like a surrogate mother to Siobathan as there were many things she could tell me but not her grandmother. I would listen and be non-judgmental. I had told her that this racy video could come back to haunt her. It would in a terrible way.
I was the church secretary at the Joyful Church and had erased messages on the church phone. People had called and expressed their opinion about Siobathan and the video. As you can imagine, all of the comments very negative.
On Monday evening, I went to get the mail, and several tapes were in the mail. I knew what were in the tapes. I gave them to Siobathan to destroy.
Our church's headquarters are in Lakeland and I received a call from the board of directors. They want to know if Siobathan is a member of the church. I tell them she isn't. She left the church after high school, I told them. They asked me if Joan is aware of the video. I say that she's isn't. We talk a little more and then I hang up. They never asked me about the videos.
I attended the church school in Lakeland as did Siobathan.
The next day at about 6:00 am, Siobathan is at my door calling out to me. I opened the door and she's crying. Her grandmother apparently died during the night. I called police. No funeral home would take her in town so we had to call a funeral home in Lakeland.
A couple of days later the funeral is held in Lakeland at the church's headquarters. The majority of members about 5, 000 live in Lakeland. There is only one other church which is in Joyful.
Calls keep coming to the church about the racy video. Siobathan felt like everyone in church was judging her. No one said anything to her about it.
I felt uneasy for Siobathan being alone as I had a bad feeling that something bad was going to happen to her. I asked her to say at my home but she declined and said that she would okay. At 9:00 pm, I said goodnight to her.
I got ready for work and drove to Lakeland. I then went on to Tampa to attend a training class which was part of the day. I went back to work and everyone was looking at me with concern.
"What is going on?" I asked.
I knew that something wasn't right and when I saw the company Chaplain, I knew something bad had happened. I started sobbing when I told that Siobathan had died in a house fire. The fire had started shortly after I left for work. It appeared that the fire was arson and she had died of smoke inhalation. She had gotten out of the house and then had collapsed in front of the house.
You can imagine my shock when I saw the pictures on the local TV news. My house came very close to being burned down.
Siobathan had written up a will a couple of months earlier and I was the executor of her will.
You remember when I said that this was going to end badly for her. It did but this wasn't the end of it.
I called several funeral homes in Lakeland and several refused to take her. Finally one did. The church made it clear to me that she would have no church funeral or burial in the church cemetery due to her immoral behavior. This didn't surprise me.
I had a memorial service for her and only one other person came (his name was Eric and he had left the church years ago. He had also taken her to the prom and was a good friend).
She was cremated and I took the Urn as there was no burial plot to put her in. Believe it or not, someone stole the Urn a week later (my house was ransacked as well).
The attacks of her were all over the internet. Then soon I was being attacked as well. I didn't exactly live a saintly life when I was younger. This came out as well. I was told by the board of directors that the only reason I wasn't kicked out of the church was because my grandparents were founding members and it would make the church look bad.
I withdrew my membership from the church I attended before I was kicked out. People that I knew all my life in the church turned their backs on me.
I still had membership in the main church in Lakeland but it been months since I step foot into it and I doubt that I ever will again.
The killer of Siobathan was caught. I wanted the trial moved to Orlando but it stayed in Joyful. The racy video was actually filmed in the guest bedroom of my house. I was away on vacation and the room had been changed around. I didn't realize this at first. One of the band members on the witness stand said that this is where they filmed the video.
"She cheated with my man." the caller said to me.
I said nothing and then finally I said she wasn't a member of the church.
"Does that make it okay?" the caller said.
"No, it doesn't." I said.
The caller then accused me of erasing phone mess sages that she left on Joan's old landline hone which I did but I said nothing. The caller then hung up.
The caller was the common-law wife of one of the band members who was a known cheater. They had known each other for 20 years, and had a 15 year relationship which was one and off. They had 3 children together.
I knew about this long before the caller did and had to admit this in court.
"Did you know about Siobathan 3 pregnancies?"
A gasp in the courtroom.
"Yes, I did."
"What happened?"
"She told me she was no longer pregnant and I didn't ask any more questions."
"Did you know what she did?"
"No, I didn't. Assumed she had miscarriages..." I said.
Only one actually was. I didn't know this but Eric had testified earlier that he had taken her to a doctor because she didn't feel well.
They had to ask him several questions before he had to admit that she had ended 2 pregnancies.
I could just imagine what people were saying and thinking being that this was in a conservative religious bible belt town.
Everyone knew I was trying to protect Siobathan. I danced around the questions in a way that I didn't have to directly answer the questions but you could read between the lines. I did say Joan knew nothing about this and people didn't like my answer when I said,"This was a private matter."
I was asked directly if I had this procedure done. I never have which was the truth. I'm sure they looked it up because the defense didn't challenge me on this one.
The next hour was spent talking about my private life. I never had children as I physically couldn't and it didn't surprise me when the defense attorney said that God was punishing me. The judge made no attempt to warn him about making these types of comments. I was also blamed for my failed marriage.
I wasn't surprised at the verdict. The murderer smiled at me. I just glared at him.
The jury acquitted the killer on murder charges but he was convicted on arson charges. I later heard some of the jurors admit that they knew this guy murdered Siobathan but couldn't convict him of this. They really didn't want to convict him of arson but couldn't get around it as he admitted to this.
He got no prison time but got 10 years Probation. At the sentencing, I was allowed to speak and I said everything I felt in a calm manner. I also criticized the juries decision and accused them of putting others at risk. I also criticized the harsh judgement Siobathan received.
The killer had the last word and made a sexual comment about Siobathan and the band members. I looked at him and told him that he was pathetic.
I had seen a woman attending the trial who sat in the back. She was the person who had called me about her cheating partner. She went nuts and got a couple of punches in before being taken away by police. The killer had a bloody nose. As she walked by me with handcuffs on, she told me that I was pathetic and an enabler. I recognized her British accent from the phone call. I ignored her.
Sad story with no good ending. Oh and one last thing, the couple who was at the Joywell church were paid big bucks to put on youtube a video of Siobathan and Joan taking up the church collection. After Siobathan died, I heard that no one saw them again after that.
I sold my house and moved to Lakeland. Found another church that I really liked.
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2020.09.11 20:43 eIliot trouble with masculinization of my online lexicon?

okay so this probably sounds a little silly and trivial, but this is something i worry about sometimes. i've looked around and can only find a few things, most of the stuff is more to deal with actual speech rather than texting and similar things. i think my biggest problem is whenever anything happens my go to text is 'omg' or 'omg...' which, if you say this is completely fine but for me personally it just makes me feel like my vocabulary online is trite and not particularly masculine. might be dumb, but i can't change the way i feel lol. i also have a problem with inserting like where it's not necessary, might be because i grew up and still live in california, i dunno. i feel a bit more fine about talking in more formal situations like making a forum post, because the situation requires it, but in more lax scenarios like talking on discord to my friends or texting them it's hard because i'm used to talking to them a certain way and i feel that if i changed it up out of nowhere things might be a little weird. which sucks, when i type a different way. my partner thinks i'm upset or mad or something.
a few staples of my vocab while texting is (as stated before) omg, intentional misspelling of words (sleeb, gudnight, leaving off e's on words like little or love: not really sure why i do this but i do), using um a lot, etc. - just to show how much i use it, this is across 3 servers that i've talked in a lot lmao
i guess what i'm asking for is any tips or insight about how guys text or talk on the internet, and if anyone else has any pointers about how to make it more natural than a process that i have to think about? thanks!!
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