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I sent e-mails to all30 teams from MLB asking why should I be a fan of their team. 7 teams responded.

2017.03.20 13:43 sesve I sent e-mails to all30 teams from MLB asking why should I be a fan of their team. 7 teams responded.

Edited: new, eighth e-mail arrived, and it's from Milwaukee Brewers. Read it below.
Inspired by the story of soccer's u/SpacemasterTom, who sent 92 e-mails to every England's professional soccer team asking them why he should be their fan, which eventually earned him trip to Liverpool, because he chose Everton FC and then he attended their match and lots of English media wrote about him and his reddit thread.
I'm from Croatia and I don't know a thing about baseball, but since the new season is almost here, I want to fulfil my dream of becoming a baseball fan, since I'm already a big fan of NBA and NFL. I thought that following and supporting one MLB team would be the best way for me to understand the rules and everything connected with baseball. But since I don't live in the USA, I don't feel connected to any team. So, I thought I'll do the same thing as u/SpacemasterTom and I sent 30 e-mails to every MLB team asking them why should I be their long-life supporter. Only seven teams responded in one week (others sent automatic responses or nothing at all):
From AL East: Baltimore Orioles From AL Central: Cleveland Indians From AL West: Seattle Mariners
From NL East: Miami Marlins, Philadelphia Phillies, Washington Nationals From NL Central: Milwaukee Brewers From NL West: LA Dodgers
In order of their reply:
Miami Marlins Hi (sesve),
Here are a few of reasons you should be a Marlins lifelong supporter:
Last but not least: We have a beneficial program for all our season ticket holders called Fish Family. If you are a part of our Fish Family, you get access to several events throughout the year. Some are complementary- brunches, access to batting cages, ability to buy All-Star game tickets early, etc. Some are up for bids- being a manager for a day, delivering the game ball, etc. Fish Family is by far the biggest and best reason to become a fan!
(sesve) - these are only a select few reasons why cheering for the Miami Marlins is worth your while. If those don’t convince you, I don’t know what will. We would be so ecstatic and grateful to have you as a fan.
Have a great day and GO FISH! Adele Intern, Sales & Service
Baltimore Orioles Dear (sesve),
I appreciate your interest in the Baltimore Orioles baseball team. In your email, you wanted to know why you should support the Orioles. While there are many reasons why fans chose to support a particular team, I’d like to share with you some of the things that make the Orioles unique.
The Orioles celebrated 60 years in Baltimore this past season. Over that time, the Orioles have been MLB World Champions three times, in 1966, 1970 and 1983. They have been American League Champions six times. In 2014, the Orioles won the American League East Division for the ninth time in team history. In fact, as part of our 60th Anniversary celebration, the Orioles held an incredible 30-minute post-game show that will be forever remembered in the minds of Orioles fans (and you can view it here:)
The Orioles have certainly amassed many achievements however, being an Orioles fan goes far beyond accomplishments and accolades. The Orioles are known for playing baseball the “Oriole Way”; a phrase that indicates good fundamental skills and strong defense. The Orioles have a special quality known as “Orioles Magic”. The phrase has come to embody the spirit of the Orioles team and our ability to come back and win games even when the chips are down. Our 2014 playoff rally chant “We Won’t Stop” represented the Orioles as a team that never gives up.
Some of the greatest players and coaches to ever wear a baseball uniform were Orioles. Six of the Orioles retired players and coaches, Cal Ripken, Brooks Robinson, Eddy Murray, Jim Palmer, Earl Weaver and Frank Robinson are Orioles Legends and have been enshrined in bronze statues here at Oriole Park. In addition, they were inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. These men were more than great baseball players; they were people of class and integrity.
The Orioles are a team that link together generations of Orioles fans through good memories and great baseball. Families and friends come together at Camden Yards, which is considered the best ballparks in baseball. It’s hard to put into words the beauty of Camden Yards. It was the first retro ballpark with all of the modern amenities. With the iconic red brick warehouse in right field, the Eutaw Street corridor and a dazzling view of downtown Baltimore just beyond centerfield, Camden Yards is an exceptional place to enjoy a baseball game. Each year, thousands of fans travel to Baltimore just to experience a game at our classic ballpark. And Oriole Park at Camden Yards was recently rated the best ballpark in baseball and the best sports facility in America by Stadium Journey website, which gave the ballpark a perfect score! You can read the review here:
Orioles baseball goes beyond playing at the ballpark. For more than 60 years, the Baltimore Orioles have worked hard to give back to the community, becoming involved in a variety of area programs and initiatives. Through OriolesREACH, the team seeks opportunities to reach out to our neighbors and help our fans improve their daily lives. This past season, over 3.6 million dollars were raised for charitable causes with assistance from Orioles outreach efforts. Our annual food drive alone collected 5,883 pounds of food and $28,584 in cash donations. The Orioles work with many existing charities and community organizations to benefit the community. You can find out more information on our important community work here:
It would be nearly impossible to detail all the reasons why someone would want to be a fan of the Baltimore Orioles. In short, the Orioles are a team that builds on a rich history of winning baseball while creating new memories both at the ballpark and in the greater community for fans of all ages and backgrounds.
Personally, I’ve grown up as an Orioles fan. My parents took me to games as a child and rooting for the team with friends and family is very special to me. I hope that you find this team special, unique and one that you can connect with. I hope the Orioles are the team you choose to rally behind and support. For me, the Orioles symbolize fun, family, tradition, community, partnership, excellence, and magic, and that’s something pretty awesome!
Sincerely, Fan Services Team-Erin
Phildelphia Phillies Mr. (sesve),
While we appreciate the support of all of our fans, the reason for choosing one team versus another is a strictly personal reason. We do not try to ‘sell’ fans, rather we allow them the opportunity to choose to follow the Phillies for their own myriad of reasons.
Good luck with your choice. very unique answer
LA Dodgers Hi (sesve),
Thank you for contacting the Los Angeles Dodgers!
We appreciate you taking the time to write to us and share your request. We are very happy to be able to send you our digital fan pack! Attached to this email you will find some Fun Facts, a baseball card, and more! Enjoy!!
Please also take a moment to sign up for our Dodgers Home Rundown newsletter. You'll receive the latest video highlights, up-to-date news, features, ticket specials, and more — all delivered FREE to your inbox, wherever you are!
Also for kids 14 and under join the FREE Jr. Dodgers kids club today! You'll get customized content from the Dodgers and exclusive offers from our partners all year long. If you are interested in signing up, follow the link below:
Thank you for the support and GO DODGERS!
Los Angeles Dodgers-FAN SERVICES
Seattle Mariners Hi (sesve),
Thank you for taking the time to contact the Seattle Mariners Organization. The Seattle Mariners very much appreciate hearing from our fans, and we do read every single e-mail received.
Unfortunately, we are unable to send a Seattle Mariners FanPack to your location. Attached for your enjoyment is the digital version of our FanPack. Please also feel free to check out the Seattle Mariners Fan Central Website for additional Mariners-related information.
Thank you again for your email and Go Mariners!
Cleveland Indians Hi (sesve),
Thank you for your interest in Cleveland Indians Baseball! It was a pleasure reading your email, and we are very appreciate of you taking the time to reach out to us. If you are interested in following the team, we welcome your support! To provide some information about the team, there were many accolades during the past offseason. We currently have the 2014 Cy Young award winner and 2017 third place Cy Young contender, Corey Kluber, on our pitching staff. Our manager, Terry Francona, earned the Manager of the Year award for the American League and our shortstop, Francisco Lindor, earned the Golden Glove award for the American League. In addition, one of our outfielders, Tyler Naquin, finished third in the Rookie of Year race.
Last season, we were the American League Champions and went on to face the Chicago Cubs in the World Series. We congratulate their organization on a hard-fought victory in quite an exciting series!
Heading into the 2017 season, we are especially eager to see the team at Progressive Field again. We are currently in the midst of Spring Training, and we look forward to Opening Day on April 11th!
We hope this is helpful information! We thank you again for reaching out to us as we would be honored to have your support. In addition, we love hearing from baseball fans so feel free to contact us again if you have any questions in the future.
Have a great rest of your day!
Bridget Cleveland Indians Baseball-Fan Services Team Member
Washington Nationals Dear (sesve), Thank you for taking the time to reach out to the Nationals. We would be honored if you choose to make us your favorite MLB team!
We believe that our organization has the best fans in the world. They root for our players from Spring Training through the Postseason; attending games at Nationals Park and on the road — sometimes in the heat, in the rain and in the cold. They have been with us every step of the way, during both exciting wins and hard losses. We would love for you to cheer for the Nationals, along with the rest of our passionate fans!
Again, thank you for reaching out to us. We look forward to all that next season will hold, and we’re counting the days until Opening Day at Nationals Park on April 3, 2017! Go Nats!
Sincerely, The Washington Nationals
Milwaukee Brewers Hi (sesve),
Thanks for reaching out! The list of reasons for becoming a Brewers fan is endless, but here are a few:
We hope this helps your decision, and go Brewers! Is there any mail in here that seems genuine, and as not an automated response?
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2013.07.01 05:47 nahs Thoughts on building a championship contender in LA (Wall of Text incoming)

Here is what I believe the Clippers do this summer to continue their off-season momentum of getting a championship-caliber coach.
  1. Re-sign Chris Paul
This is almost an absolute certainty given the reports from “basketball sources” that he will resign. Thus, this is a moot point and why Doc Rivers is intrigued to coach the Clippers given that he is a previous point guard himself
  1. Finding a trade partner for Eric Bledsoe
With Chris Paul resigning, the biggest trading piece the Clippers have is Bledsoe. I know that Doc Rivers was keen on a Rondo-Bradley backcourt back in his Boston days because of their defensive intensity. It would be intriguing to have that option but Bledsoe and Paul’s lack of height can get exploited no matter how athletic that combination is. Plus, it is very unlikely that the Clippers can retain Bledsoe after this year (even Chris Paul said so himself) so one needs to find a willing trading partner. Toronto, Detroit, Phildelphia, Orlando, Sacramento are all teams that could have a point guard upgrade.
The trade that I am really curious in happening is:
Caron Butler, Eric Bledsoe for Jason Thompson, Marcus Thornton
Marcus Thornton is a pure scorer. In addition he has played with Chris Paul before and considers Paul a mentor. The Clippers need a perimeter scorer to give space for Paul to operate. The lack of perimeter shooting was one of the Clippers shortcomings in the playoffs. Jason Thompson gives the Clippers a big body who can score. This is the primary problem offensively with the Clippers last season. When Blake went down with a knock or injury, the Clippers had zero low post presence. Thus, they had no chance to get no easy buckets. Thompson is a PF/C who has a track record as a scorer and can be an alternative to DJ in the 4th quarter if DJ still can’t make progress on his woeful free throw shooting. The Kings get an up-and-coming starting point guard. Sorry, IT2 (Isiah Thomas). You are too small to be a quality point guard in the NBA. IT2 can play a Nate Robinson role for Sacramento and be a 6th man scorefacilator. By trading Thornton, the Kings allow Ben McLemore the opportunity to have no obstacle to stunt his growth as a NBA professional. Caron Butler is a consummate professional who can give the young Kings a mentor in the locker room and can fill the troubling SF position that the Kings have had. (John Salmons is not the answer and has never been.).
  1. Finding a backup point guard
With Bledsoe no longer in the fold, they need a backup point guard to alleviate CP3. For which, I have another New Orleans connection. Sign Darren Collison. Collison is a restricted free agent but given that Dallas replaced him with Mike James late last season, I doubt the Mavericks want him back. (The Mavericks also acquired Shane Larkin in this year’s draft.) Collison was Paul’s backup in New Orleans and played well when Paul was out with his troublesome knee. Collison has been a lost sheep as of late losing the starting gig in Indiana and Dallas. Teaming up with Paul would allow Collison to redirect his career and return home to Los Angeles (he played his high school and college ball in Los Angeles).
Other options for backup duties for the Clippers to look at are Devin Harris, Eric Maynor, Toney Douglas and Charles Jenkins (restricted). Jarrett Jack will cost too much for the Clippers to sign.
  1. Re-signing your own free agent players
Hollins, Turiaf, Billups, Barnes, Odom are unrestricted free agents. I would see Ryan Hollins, Chauncey Billups, and Lamar Odom back with the team but if they took the veteran’s minimum salary. Odom and Billups are shells of their former self and don’t have much more to give on the court but their leadership in the locker room is priceless. I don’t know if both players’ ego would allow them to sign for the veteran’s minimum but it would allow the Clippers to use their mini-mid-level and mid-level exception to fortify their bench. Hollins will be the 5th big and allows the Clippers to have a player who plays with an intense disposition on the defensive end. In addition, I would pick up Willie Green’s option. He is due 1.4 million this season which is great for an emergency guard and is a great complimentary role player when called upon.
The dilemma I have is Matt Barnes. Barnes was arguably the Clippers 3rd best player by the end of last season. Thus, he probably played out of the Clippers’ price range. I would love to have him back but then he is 32 years old and we probably have seen the best of Matt Barnes. I would offer 2 years 6 million dollars (a multi-year mini-mid level) as my maximum offer to Barnes and hope he takes it. If not, I would go to Free Agency to find a suitable replacement.
  1. Signing veterans to fill out the bench
I would go after veterans that would be willing to come to the Clippers to capture a championship. If Lamar doesn’t want to come back for the veteran’s minimum, I would go after Elton Brand, Jermaine O’Neal as that backup front-court big man. I think either of those guys would be a good get for the squad. Yes, Brand betrayed the Clippers but he can still be a big body who is serviceable and can play the 4/5 position.
  1. Filling the SF position
Reggie Bullock is the “Danny Green” clone but I think for a championship aspiring team like the Clippers; he probably is not ready to jump into the starting lineup. There is no guarantee that Bullock’s game will translate to the NBA too. Thus, it probably would be best to have a more experienced option in the starting lineup. That is where the Clippers use their mid-level exception. I am willing to give Corey Brewer that mid-level exception. I know it is a risk but it seems as if he has grown tremendously in his time in Denver. Brewer and Barnes could be a rugged SF defensive duo.
The ultimate wild card is Tony Allen who is a fierce defender but is currently not going to be courted by the Clippers according to sources. Doc Rivers has had him in the past and his defensive awareness is well known. He was all-defense first team last year. Allen’s signing would be equivalent to that of when Ron Artest took less money to come to the Los Angeles Lakers. Having Allen would allow the Clippers to play Thornton or Crawford without losing much defensively. I think he would be out of their price range though.
Another player of interest is Kyle Korver. Now, is the mid-level exception enough to get him too? I doubt it. He is a prolific 3 point scorer and Doc Rivers definitely wants 3-point shooting. He would fill a need but Korver is a marquee second tier free agent and will be able to choose his next team.
My hypothetical Clippers roster for 2013:
C: DeAndre Jordan, Elton Brand, Ryan Hollins
PF: Blake Griffin, Jason Thompson, Lamar Odom
SF: Corey Brewer, Matt Barnes, Reggie Bullock
SG: Marcus Thornton, Jamal Crawford, Willie Green
PG: Chris Paul, Darren Collison, Chauncey Billups
Projected salary payroll: 76 million dollars
And some bit-players to fill out the roster like Dajuan Summers and Malik Wayns did last season. I see undrafted free agent Brandon Davies as an intriguing option to keep as a developmental prospect.
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